PR Reader’s Choice Blog Awards–the nominations are set!

Last week, I asked you to nominate your favorite blogs for the first-ever PR Reader’s Choice Blog Awards. And you responded–big time. 50-plus comments, DMs and emails later, we have our nominees (see below). 

Now, it’s time to vote. You’ll have a week to vote for your favorites. I’m not going to put too many paramaters around the voting. Just use common sense and do the right thing. That’s all I ask.

On that note, let the voting begin (voting will close on midnight, Wed., June 3, 2009)

Best up-and-coming blog:

Mengel’s Musings— Amy Mengel
Method+Moxie— Narciso Tovar
Little Pink Book— Sasha Muradali
The Lost Jacket— Stuart Foster
LAF— Lauren Fernandez

Most Educational— Dave Fleet
PR 2.0— Brian Solis
Tough Sledding– Bill Sledzik
Ryan Stephens Marketing— Ryan Stephens
MN PR blog— Ryan May

Most Thought-Provoking

DannyBrown— Danny Brown
Communications Conversations— Arik Hanson
Waxing Unlyrical— Shonali Burke
Very Official Blog— Shannon Paul

Blog of the Year

Communications Catalyst— David Mullen
Legends of Aerocles– David Teicher
Influential Marketing Blog— Rohit Bhargava
PR Squared— Todd Defren
Bad Pitch Blog— Richard Laermer

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30 comments on “PR Reader’s Choice Blog Awards–the nominations are set!

  1. Seriously, Arik – Thanks again for putting all of this together.

    I am truly honored and humbled to be selected among so many greats in the up and coming category. I actually think I’m kind of in shock right now.

    Every blog listed is wonderful – good luck all!

  2. Just to echo Lauren’s sentiments, thanks for putting this together Arik. A BIG thanks to Stuart Foster, Jason Sprenger and anyone else who nominated my blog for inclusion.

    I am extremely flattered and definitely humbled to even have my blog mentioned in the same breath as some of these blogs. While nobody in their right mind should vote for my blog over Brian’s or Dave’s (I’m not that familiar with the other two, but I will be soon!), I’m still really excited to be among such a great group of writers.

    Best of luck to everyone!

  3. Sweet! Some stiff competition in all categories. Every blog in here kicks some serious ass.

    Just wanted to thank Arik for putting this together and I am honored just to be in the conversation. Thanks!

  4. David Mullen says:

    Yes, thanks Arik for creating and hosting this party. It’s a great idea!

    I’m not sure my little corner of the world belongs alongside the likes of Todd, Rohit and Richard, but I’m extremely thankful that some folks think so and nominated me. It’s humbling and appreciated.

    Now, I’m off to vote!

  5. Thanks for putting this together Arik!
    Great stuff 🙂

  6. Danny Brown says:

    Hey there Arik,

    I don’t think there’s too much I can add to what everyone above has already said.

    Cheers muchly for being community-minded and coming up with this in the first place, and good luck to everyone whose blog is listed here.

    At the end of the day, we all win as we get to see new blogs we may not have been aware of.

    Cheers bud!

  7. uberbabyboomer says:

    1 big vote for Danny Brown!

  8. keith miles says:

    Very cool, Arik. Tough votes. They are all winners.

  9. Arik – Amazing, Thanks so much for putting this together. I see I’ve got some tough competition. Don’t know how I landed in this category but I’m honored. Rumors abound that the voting site is down…just FYI.

    Thanks Again!

  10. afontaine16 says:

    When I tried to vote it says the survey is closed.

  11. Pablo Lara says:

    The Lost Jacket.

  12. Thanks! This is way so cool!

  13. SaraKate says:

    Great idea! I read almost all of these blogs and it was hard to choose. I’m going to go add the ones I don’t already have to my reader.


  14. arikhanson says:

    Thanks for the kudos, folks, but it’s people like you that make this community–not me. I really should be thanking you.

    Pablo/UberBabyBoomer–Make sure you cast your votes using the link above. Need to vote there.

    By the way, voting link should be working now. Had some technical difficulties earlier today, but we’re A-OK now.

  15. Dave Fleet says:

    Thanks for putting all of this together, Arik. A day after the voting started, I’m still blushing.

    If I could, I’d vote for everyone on that list – they’re all great sites.

  16. Henie says:


    Thank you for founding this! I am here to vote for Danny Brown!

    I am looking forward to visiting everyone’s blog from the list you compiled above, especially those that are new to me! Thanks again!

    BTW FYI WARNING Everyone…the commenter with the blond girl avatar who goes by *My Amazing Weight Loss Story* is a big time SPAMMER who’s wreaked havoc on my site! Please be aware and delete immediately!

  17. Shannon Paul says:

    Thanks for taking the time to put together such a great list. It’s always nice to be recognized and I appreciate the mention.

  18. Elcoj says:

    I have already seen it somethere…

  19. I was so caught up by the beauty of your new blog, Arik, that I completely missed the comments section…! Thanks so much for including me on this list. Cliched as it may be, dare I say there are no losers here? Thanks again!

  20. Spiewak says:

    Just voted. Good luck and congrats to all! Lots of great blogs here. The few that I’m not familiar with, I plan on checking out after seeing them nominated.

  21. Bulbulghosh says:

    If this is where one votes, then my vote goes to you, Shonali. All the best!

  22. Yep…All the best!!