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159174764_5b3c9ab342_o2The last few months, I’ve participated in my fair share of Twitter chats–Journchat, HealthSocMed, and my new faves Mack Collier’s BlogChat on Sunday nights at 8 pm and Bryan Person and Sonny Gill’s community chat Friday’s at noon. They’ve been invaluable as opportunities to meet and converse with PR and communications folks with common interests–and to share best practices.

It’s like appointment television for Twitter.

But, with so many chats out there now, it’s surprising to me that there’s not one that opens up the discussion about social media behind the firewall (at least to my knowledge). That is, a conversation about using social media internally with employee audiences. 

So, starting next Wednesday at noon CST, I’m starting #behindthefirewall–a chat about the challenges, opportunities and best practices of communicating with employee audiences using new media tools. 

I’m not going to go this alone either. I’ve asked my friend, and Twin Cities Social Media Breakfast founder, Rick Mahn to join me. We’ll co-moderate this conversation each week and delve into topics like:

* When is it right for your executive team/CEO to blog internally? How do you coach them through that process?

* How do you build momentum/engagement internally using new media tools?

* What are some of the change management best practices that will help you transform your culture–after all, it’s about the culture/people, not the tools, right?

* Using social networks internally to build employee pride and trust

This is just a sampling of the topics we’ll cover. More importantly, I want *you* to tell me what you want to discuss. After all, this will be a community conversation.

I know there’s a number of you out there that work in the employee communications space–even if it is for just a fraction of your job. I hope you’ll join Rick and I next Wednesday.

In the meantime, what topics would you like to see covered in the first discussion?

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8 comments on “Behind the firewall

  1. This should be an interesting chat.

    I am thinking about starting one about the Biz of the NHL. Why their marketing strategies and stuff just don’t work and why they should try listening to us at some time. #NHLBIZ on Thursday nights at 9p EST.

    I am not sure how well this one will go over but a lot of hockey fans want to be heard and I figure this is a great way to start a discussion.

  2. RamaMama says:

    Great discussion today. Really glad I joined. I currently work at a large corporation and “own” the internal mass e-mail system and would so love to implement internal social media tools. But it’s all about budget and “selling” the man.

    Thanks for creating this. Looking forward to next time.


  3. Arik, I saw this tweet from @JGoldsborough that says that the chat is changing to Thursday at 8 p.m. Central. Is this correct? Thanks!

  4. Arik Hanson says:

    Yes. Update: Behind the Firewall chat is moving to 8 pm CST Thursday evenings from its noon CST Wed time slot. See you all Thursday night!

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