18 non-PR blogs for PR pros

Most PR people have a number of things in common. We like to talk. We love our lists. And, by nature, we’re curious people.

That’s why, sometimes, when I’m ticking down my Google Reader list, I’ll look to add a few non-PR or social media blogs from time to time. Keeps my mind fresh. Forces me to explore areas outside PR. And it satisfied my curiousity on a number of levels.

So, what are my favorite non-PR/social media blogs? Endgadget and The Onion seem to find their way on my list fairly regularly (Yeah, I know the Onion isn’t technically a blog, but it holds a special place in my heart).

But, why stop there? I polled a number of friends online earlier this week on what non-PR/social media blogs they read on a regular basis. Here’s what they had to say (great adds to your Google Reader list):

* Olivier Blanchard: Gizmodo (one of the best gadget sites out there) and Tom Peters (top-shelf management blog)

* Amy Mengel: Nieman Watchdog (“questions the press should ask”), Poynter Online, Marginal Revolution (“small steps toward a much better world”)

* Allan Schoenberg: The Big Money and Wall Street Journal’s Real Time Economics (economic insight and analysis from the Wall Street Journal)

* Jason Falls: Zen Habits (“Simple productivity”) and Uncrate (buyer’s guide for men)

* Justin Goldsborough: Rany on the Royals (Royals baseball breakdown) and Peter King’s 10 Things I Know

* Josh Sternberg: Fivethirtyeight (described as “politics done right”) and Scotus Blog (the Supreme Court of the United States blog).

* Gini Dietrich: The Fast Growth Blog (sales strategies to grow your business)

* Steve Farnsworth: Wisebread (living large on a small budget) and Lifehacker (tips and downloads for getting things done)

* Scott Hepburn: Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist, Dave Navarro’s Rock Your Day (time management tips and business productivity techniques)

What are your favorite non-PR blog reads?

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23 comments on “18 non-PR blogs for PR pros

  1. Love the list, Arik! Will have to check a few of these out.

    Personally, I really enjoy reading PsyBlog (http://www.spring.org.uk/) because 1. They just have a lot of interesting psychology topics that they cover and 2. A lot of times they have stuff that can easily be applied to PR and Social Media.

  2. Mike Keliher says:

    ReadWriteWeb is a great social media/tech blog, especially if you want some insightful analysis beyond the lead.

    I love Reason Magazine’s “Hit and Run” blog, but that’s because I have a fiery libertarian streak.

    And because I pretend to be a photographer, Digital Photography School is a decent read.

  3. arikhanson says:

    Great add, Jackie. I completely agree that psychology principles have huge impact for us as PR practitioners. We’d all be wise to learn more about that world.


  4. This is a great list and I am definitely going to add a few of these to my Google Reader.

    One of my favorite non-PR blogs is 1000 Awesome Things (www.1000awesomethings.com). Its just a great pick me up and reminds you about the little awesome things that happen everyday.

  5. Arik,

    Great list. I will definitely need to look at some of these critically to add to the RSS feeds. I like Lateral Action – on productive creativity
    http://lateralaction.com/ – it gets me thinking.

    – @vedo

  6. Brad says:

    I’m a big fan of The Simple Dollar.

  7. J.D. says:

    Harvard Business Review blog is invaluable for management, leadership and crisis management dialogue. blogs.hbr.org

  8. arikhanson says:

    Mike: RWW is fantastic. I would have included that in my suggestions, but thought that was too close to a social media site/blog. Glad you mentioned it.

    Stephanie/Richie/Brad: Thanks for the suggestions. Checking those all out now.

    JD: HBR is a great resource that virtually all PR pros should read on a regular basis. Full of insights on a number of relevant topics. Great addition!

  9. Worob says:

    Good list!

    PR at Sunrise – worob.com

  10. One of my favorite non-PR sites that I find constantly adds value to my life/career is Productivity501.


    I have to thank Allan Schoenberg for this recommendation. The post topics vary, but they all relate in some way to personal productivity. Recent articles discuss how to avoid wasting time on the Web and how to better diversify your income. It’s definitely one of my daily must-reads!

  11. Danny Brown says:

    Great idea and nice lists in both the post and the comments, Arik.

    I love reading Ct Kingston’s blog over at http://ctkingston.com

    Yes, she occasionally has social media-tinged posts, but they’re so “not” your normal SM post that you can class as non-social media.

    Smart, sharp, sexy and fun – and the blog’s pretty damn good too! 🙂

  12. arikhanson says:

    Nikki: Love the Productivity501 site. Good find! (and thanks Allan!)

    Danny: Any blog you follow, I’m sure to follow soon. Thanks for the suggestion!


  13. Ari Herzog says:

    Aside from plugging my own blog (click my name to access it, where you can see two blogs I like in my latest post), I wonder why you follow such a hodgepodge of bloggers. I have multiple topics, but I keep everything within certain confines. When I see minimalism and buying guides next to baseball and budgeting, I wonder how you focus.

  14. Ari Herzog says:

    Ahh, took another look. Those aren’t YOUR followed blogs, but other people’s. Got it now.

  15. Great list – I love Penelope Trunk! If you like psych blogs, I think you’d really enjoy ShrinkTalk.net, because it’s a lot of really insightful, often humorous stuff written by a psychologist about his experiences.

  16. Martha Shea says:

    If you a wine follower, gangofpour offers well written blogs on all kinds of wine and food; always a good adventure.

  17. Poor Justin. He still follows the Royals. I thought they were out of fans?!?

  18. Dan Rogers says:

    Great list of valuable blogs, but I think you should add @scottmckain @mikemyatt and @lizstrauss to the list – all great blogs worth reading

  19. Nora says:

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    Whole heart and 28 years of strategic marketing and branding.


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