PR Readers’ Choice Finalists set!

The finalists are set for the 2010 PR Readers’ Choice Awards! The voting began last Monday, June 7 and extended through midnight Monday, June 14. In total, 185 comments were left with nominations and suggestions–WOW!

Before I share the finalists, a few interesting facts and figures to pass along about this year’s awards:

* Valeria Maltoni and Danny Brown’s blogs were nominated in three different categories–think that says a lot about the content Valeria and Danny create and share each week.

* A number of nominations were repeat nominees from 2009 including: Sasha Halima, Dave Fleet, Todd Defren, Danny Brown and Shannon Paul.

* On a similar note, there were many first-time nominees including: Adam Singer, Lisa Barone and the Outspoken Media folks, Rachel Kay, PR at Sunrise and Samantha Ogborn.

Enough fun facts. On to the nominees!


* PR Nonsense (top vote getter)

* PR Breakfast Club (group blog)

* Gen-Y PRogress (Lauren Novo)

* Fresh Ground (Chuck Tanowitz and Todd Van Hoosear)

* The Comms Corner (Adam Vincenzini)

Most Educational

* Convince & Convert (top vote getter)

* Social Media Examiner (group blog)

* Deirdre Breakenridge

* PR Conversations (group blog)

* Brass Tack Thinking (formerly Altitude Branding)

Most Thought-Provoking

* The Flack (top vote getter)

* Little Pink Book (Sasha Halima)

* Justin Kowanicki

* Conversation Agent (Valeria Maltoni)

* Perkett PRsuasion

Blog of the Year

* Fight Against Destructive Spin–F.A.D.S. (top vote getter)

* Danny Brown

* PR Squared (Todd Defren)

* Grow (Mark Schaefer)

* Social Media Explorer (Jason Falls)

Please vote for your favorite blog in each category above. You will only be allowed to vote once. And if you want to vote in all four categories, you need to click on each separate poll (sorry, I know it’s a tad cumbersome–I blame budget constraints ;).

Think about your vote carefully–don’t take the “Readers’ Choice” piece of this contest lightly. This shouldn’t be a popularity contest–but instead, a reflection of the blogs you really value and read every day.

Votes will be taken through midnight Tuesday, June 22. Winners will be announced on Friday, June 25.

Note: The 2010 Reader’s Choice badges are courtesy of the wonderful Amy Taylor. A wonderful designer and PR pro and someone who’s been willing to help at every turn. Thank you Amy!

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48 comments on “PR Readers’ Choice Finalists set!

  1. Wow, awesome, thanks for the mentions Arik 🙂

    So humbling to be nominated again, thank you to everyone!

  2. Lauren Novo says:

    So honored to be nominated…

  3. davinabrewer says:

    Voting was hard, too many good choices!

  4. ginidietrich says:

    I asked if this could be like grade school and we could all win, but I guess that's not how this works. I love our blog, of course, but I also love my competitor's blogs…and I read them every day. This IS hard!

  5. AbbieF says:

    wow — tough choices. congrats to all nominees and thanks for providing worthwhile content, information and lots of ah-ha moments.

  6. valeriesimon says:

    Highly recommend you add ALL of these folks to your Google Reader. Can't wait to see the results but Congratulations to all the nominees. The real winner here is the reader 🙂

  7. Arik Hanson says:

    A) What grade school did you go to where you won all the time? I lost in grade school. A lot. 😉 B) Yes, this is an award/contest. But, it's also a great community-building event. I look back at last year's finalists and I see a number of people I'd call good friends now. I also see the best and brightest in our online community. This year's finalists didn't happen on this list by accident. They all got there by producing content our community finds valuable–day after day. It's only tough because there are so many great blogs to read–but I think this event provides a pretty nice snapshot.

  8. ginidietrich says:

    I was joking – you know how in grade schools now they don't have winners and losers? They just have winners. It's kind of ridiculous. I am teaching all of my nieces and nephews how to win!

  9. markwilliamschaefer says:

    Thanks for the nomination! Humbled to be in that great company.

  10. You shoulda been a kindergarten teacher.

  11. PodcastSteve says:

    How is it that we're not in a separate category for blog with the most useful PR podcasts?

  12. ginidietrich says:


  13. Thanks to whomever nominated me. Alas, I'm not much for popularity contests, so I sincerely hope someone else in my category (for whom winning an award may actually mean something) takes the honors. But, all the same, it's nice to be recognized as relevant, even in passing.

  14. Worob says:

    Where's Mine?!

    PR at Sunrise –

  15. teganzimmerman says:

    Congrats to all! It was definitely a hard vote!

  16. valeriesimon says:

    There's still time 😉

    For the record, I did vote, but in certain categories it did not feel right to choose a favorite. Different blogs offer different experiences. Not always a “better/worse' sort of thing.

    Now are you ready to come sit down for circle time?

  17. Arik Hanson says:

    Potential new category for next year?

  18. Arik Hanson says:

    Oddly, I think there's a lot of value in losing, too. Some of the best lessons I learned when I was younger were because I lost. And I can't tell you how much that helped me later in life, too.

  19. PodcastSteve says:

    Great proposal, but hey, this is the 'net, not a high school yearbook that only comes out once a year. Why can't a category be added “on the fly” right now?

    Steven L. Lubetkin, MBA, APR, Fellow, PRSA   
    Senior Fellow, Society for New Communications Research
    Managing Partner, Lubetkin Communications LLC /Professional Podcasts LLC
    +1 856.751.5491 Office/Cell (Transfers to Cell)

    New Jersey Communications, Advertising and Marketing Association (NJCAMA)
    2010 Astra Award, Business to Business Podcasts, Under 30 Minutes

    Jersey Shore Public Relations and Advertising Association
    2008 Silver JASPER Award for Podcasting
    2009 Silver JASPER Award for Short Video Documentary (with Take This Journey LLC)

     Engage with us in the social media

  20. Danny Brown says:

    Is this a blog comment or an advert..? 😉

  21. Arik as a British social media champion and PR I absolutely love the idea of these awards as as great platform for showcasing the wealth of talent. I already follow some of your finalists including Gini Dietrich and Mark Schaefer and these awards have introduced me to even more great people and companies with whom we can engage. Thanks a million!

  22. Arik Hanson says:

    Great–glad you found the list helpful. Might make sense to go through the nominee post, too. A number of great blogs there, too.

  23. PodcastSteve says:

    Sorry! Sent the reply via email and forgot to edit my signature. But I'll let you know if it worked. 😉

  24. Arik Hanson says:

    Nominations closed last week, Steve. Would have loved to add it on the fly, but want to keep with the original guidelines/rules of the event. Thanks for stopping by–hope you'll consider voting!

  25. Liz Swenton says:

    On behalf of the March Communications team, I'd like to thank everyone for voting for PR Nonsense. It's such an honor to be considered against the other top PR blogs, such as PR Breakfast Club and Gen-Y PRogress.

  26. Cburgess123 says:

    Mark…You got my vote & tweet too!!! Great and fresh content!

  27. Cburgess123 says:

    Mark…You got my vote & tweet too!!! Great and fresh content!

  28. Cburgess123 says:

    Mark…You got my vote & tweet too!!! Great and fresh content!

  29. Cburgess123 says:

    Mark…You got my vote & tweet too!!! Great and fresh content!

  30. Cburgess123 says:

    Mark…You got my vote & tweet too!!! Great and fresh content!

  31. Worob says:

    My eyes must be going! Appreciate the nomination and hope to be a finalist next year. Congrats to all!

    PR at Sunrise –

  32. BabuMVarghese says:

    HI i am addicted to a social media blog But it is not here in the list. I do not know why..

  33. surveytool12 says:

    I’m telling everyone about this referencing your post tomorrow. You can’t make this stuff up! – Good spotting!

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  35. shanebishop1985 says:

    Little Pink Book is the best. I really love the way blogs are written on this website.

  36. rak says:

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