The PR Readers’ Choice Award Winners!

Drum roll please….

Ladies and gentleman the 2010 PR Readers’ Choice Award Winners!

But, before we get to the winners, I want to publicly thank a few folks who helped out along the way. First, a huge thanks to Amy Taylor for designing the wonderful new PR Readers’ Choice Award badges. Wonderful work, Amy. Also, a big thanks to Jay Baer, Abbie Fink, Kris Schindler and Jani Virtanen for help in recognizing the winners (see below).

I also want to acknowledge all the nominees, finalists and people who nominated and voted this year. I know it’s not the most scientific process, but the intent is simple: To give the community a chance to recognize some of the outstanding blogs we all read each day. I read a tweet earlier this week that mentioned bookmarking the initial post with all the nominations–I think that says it all. Use that post (or the finalist post) as a resource to build your Reader. I know I am.

And with that, I hope you will join me in congratulating your 2010 PR Readers’ Choice Award Winners!

Best Up-and-Coming Blog

PR Nonsense

March PR

Runner-up: PR Breakfast Club (multiple authors)

“PR Nonsense is far from nonsense! I regularly read the blog to get an inside scoop on industry trends and opinions. PR Nonsense also does great job with providing tips that help PR professionals manage their work and life more efficiently. PR Nonsense provides delightful nuggets of information while remembering to entertain the reader along the way. Congratulations!”–Jani Virtanen, MarketWire

Most Educational Blog

Convince & Convert

Jay Baer

Runner-up: Deirdre Breakenridge, Deirdre Breakenridge

“Congratulations to my friend Jay Baer and his outstanding blog, Convince & Convert, for being named Most Educational Blog in the second PR Readers’ Choice Awards.  I’ve known Jay for more than 15 years now and he’s been talking about online communications back before any of us really knew what it was.  His straight-forward approach to sharing information is invaluable to any of us working in and around digital communications. There was no question his blog would get my nomination for most educational.  I look forward to reading it because I know that I’ll come away with something that will help me be better at what I do.  Trust me, add it to your reader, you will not be disappointed.” – Abbie Fink, HMA PR

Most Thought-Provoking Blog

Conversation Agent

Valeria Maltoni

Runner-up: The Flack, Peter Himler

“In a sea of sameness, Conversation Agent is a blog that isn’t afraid to coat itself with the blood of sacred cows. Valeria Maltoni has fought the wars of integration, ownership, internal ineptitude, ROI hijinx and more. She’s walked a mile in your shoes, and uses that experience plus a level-headed, exceptionally well-written approach to communicate forcefully almost every single day. In addition to challenging assumptions and constantly urging readers to do more and to do better, the breadth of content (interviews, book reviews, PR, social media, B2B) make it an absolute must-read. I read a lot of blogs, but when I want to make myself think, I turn first to Conversation Agent.” –Jay Baer

PR Blog of the Year

The Fight Against Destructive Spin (FADS)

Gini Dietrich (Arment Dietrich)

Runner-up: Grow, Mark Schaefer

“Educational. Engaging. Empowering. (FADS) consistently delivers on these levels and more. Over the past year, Gini Dietrich has advanced this blog to an online network where she and the Arment Dietrich team not only share their insights on communication but demonstrate valuable best practices and promote and engage in thoughtful discourse on a variety of topics relevant to public relations practitioners and other communication professionals.” – Kris Schindler, Start-Thinking

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76 comments on “The PR Readers’ Choice Award Winners!

  1. Courtney Dial says:

    What a fabulous list! Congrats to all the blogs!

  2. ginidietrich says:

    I saw Jay Baer the other night and we were both talking about what great company we're keeping with our colleagues. I'm flattered, honored, and downright humbled. Thank you, Arik, for pulling together this list. Thank you, Kris, for the introduction. Thank you, Mark, for always being true to yourself through your blog, which I love and admire. Thank you, Danny, for always giving me something to think about every, single day. Thank you, Todd, for getting us thinking about social media four years ago. And thank you, Jason, for always finding the tidbits of news that always find their way into my presentations and speeches.

    What a great Friday!!

  3. What an honor! Congratulations to everyone – nominees and finalists alike. As our industry continues to grow, having insightful resources like these blogs available to further our knowledge and community becomes all the more important. Great work everyone – keep writing those posts that helped you be counted among these other amazing PR blogs! And a special thanks to Arik for putting this all together again this year. :)

  4. What an amazing list! Congrats to all the winners and nominees. As I get my feet wet at Arment Dietrich, I'm reading all of these great blogs and loving all the knowledge that's thrown down each and every day.

    And of course a huge thank you goes to Arik for putting in the time and effort to organize this whole thing. It's really a gift to the entire community to get everyone together here. We all make each other better, and I think that's really what this is all about.

  5. valeriesimon says:

    Congrats all…

  6. Adine Deford says:

    Great list. I've read many of the winners and know they deserve the praise. Congratulations to all.

  7. davinabrewer says:

    Congrats to everyone, just have to thank them for their hard work, sharing their wonderful blogs.

  8. Congrats! All well deserved. Way to go Jay!

  9. AbbieF says:

    congratulations to all the winners!

  10. Danny Brown says:

    Better than Gwyneth Paltrow on all fronts! :)

  11. Gdietrich says:

    You are SO my boyfriend!!

  12. Danny Brown says:

    Great winners all-round (although I would have loved PR Breakfats Club to get the Up-and-Coming nod, but I'm biased!).

    What I love about both the nominations and award winners is that it's a clear showing the the boundaries of PR, marketing, communications and more are becoming ever-blurrier and that can only be a good thing for getting rid of all the crap silos that stop us from progressing.

    Nice job, everyone! :)

  13. Danny Brown says:

    Haha, are you lurking around these parts?

    Boyfriend? Awesome – though I think middle-aged and getting past it friend may be a better description, miss 😉

  14. Awesome!

    Congrats to all the winners :)

  15. Arik Hanson says:

    Amen on all fronts, my friend.

  16. jelenawoehr says:

    Congrats, Gini! You deserve it!

  17. Kcdietch says:

    Good Job, Gini. I'm proud of you also. Grama D.

  18. Jon Buscall says:

    What a great win for Gini and the folks at Arment Dietrich. I also want to congratulate Mark Schaefer whose blog will no doubt be pushing for top spot next year!

    Congrats to all the winners.

  19. ginidietrich says:

    Love you Grama D!!

  20. ginidietrich says:

    I totally agree with you! I think Mark's blog is more than top-notch!

  21. ginidietrich says:

    Jelena, between you and my mom, I think the vote was in the bag!

  22. Great selections. I don't think I can argue anyone on the list!

  23. Thank you for the votes of confidence to all members of this community and kudos to all runners and participants. Special thanks to Jay Baer for sharing his take on Conversation Agent. I might just have to quote you, Jay, this is a really good piece of writing.