PR Reader’s Choice Blog Finalists Set!

The finalists are set for the 2011 PR Readers’ Choice Blog Awards! The voting began last Monday, June 13 and extended through last Friday, June 17.

Disappointingly, there were only 16 total nominations this year–that’d down from 185 comments with nominations last year. Not sure what that says about the awards or general recognition like this, but for all intents and purposes this will be the last year of this awards. So, vote appropriately 🙂 In all seriousness, I want to thank everyone that has supported, commented and voted for these awards this year–and in the last two years. I know it has meant a lot to a number of bloggers that have been mentioned and nominated–and it definitely has meant a lot to me that you took the time to nominate and/or vote. So, thanks you for that.

Please vote for your favorite blog in each category below. Think about your vote carefully–don’t take the “Readers’ Choice” piece lightly. This shouldn’t be a popularity contest–but instead, a reflection of the blogs you really value and read every day.

Votes will be taken through midnight Monday, June 27. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, June 29.

Good luck to this year’s finalists!

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36 comments on “PR Reader’s Choice Blog Finalists Set!

  1. Shonali says:

    Kewl, WUL made it! Well, at least I’m not up against Gini, LOL – though with Danny & Sasha being in my category, I guess I will have to say, “It’s an honor just to be nominated.” 😉 Which it truly is. Now for much biting of nails until the results are out…

  2. adamsinger says:

    Thanks for including me Arik – when did that happen? 🙂

  3. ginidietrich says:

    @Shonali HAHAH! I didn’t want to be up against you or Danny. LOL!

  4. ginidietrich says:

    @adamsinger Shit, man. It’s going to suck when I beat you because I like you so much.

  5. MSchechter says:

    @ginidietrich Totally voted… just couldn’t push the button for that @dannybrown guy… questionable stuff on that site of his…

  6. KDillabough says:

    @ginidietrich @arikhanson Yes!

  7. ginidietrich says:

    @MSchechter Did you vote for me and @Shonali?

  8. KenMueller says:

    @ginidietrich @adamsinger I voted for you GIni!

  9. MSchechter says:

    @ginidietrich I like @shonali, but I had to send my vote @dannybrown’s way… you know he is my boo.

  10. KenMueller says:

    @Shonali i voted for you!

  11. KevinFawley says:

    @ginidietrich one vote for Mrs. Gini Dietrich and the awesome team at @SpinSucks. 🙂

  12. arikhanson says:

    @adamsinger You were nominated last week. Apparently, word is out on you…

  13. adamsinger says:

    @ginidietrich I hope you win too 🙂

  14. arikhanson says:

    @Shonali danny brown is screwed. He knows that 😉

  15. Shonali says:

    @KenMueller YAY! No offense, @DannyBrown 🙂

  16. Shonali says:

    @arikhanson Well, we’ll see. I think his hordes are starting to assemble and mount the assault on Mordor…!

  17. KratzPR says:

    Next year, I’m hoping to compete for Best Video Blog! (new category perhaps?)

  18. ginidietrich says:

    @GabyORourke LOL! I’m going to introduce you to other friends so @seanmcginnis doesn’t get a big head

  19. MargieClayman says:

    @ginidietrich come come, we know @seanmcginnis will always have a big head. Don’t make promises you can’t keep 🙂 cc @gabyorourke

  20. ginidietrich says:

    @MargieClayman Good point, Margie. His head is rather large. Evidence: @seanmcginnis @gabyorourke

  21. elizabethsosnow says:

    Wow – we’re seriously thrilled to be considered. Many thanks, Arik 🙂

  22. ginidietrich says:

    @KratzPR Oh that’s a great idea!

  23. ginidietrich says:

    @adamsinger Well that wasn’t fun.

  24. JGoldsborough says:

    @ginidietrich @Shonali Next year, @arikhanson , have Gini, Shonali and dannybrown go up against each other and make the vote 50 percent of what decides it and a skills competition the other 50 percent. You know, sort of a social media reality show :). I’m open on what the skills competition might include.

  25. adamsinger says:

    @ginidietrich honestly I don’t blog about PR as much as you do…your blog deserves to win here simply due to categorization. I will go head to head with you on snark, though 😉

  26. arikhanson says:

    @adamsinger @ginidietrich You destory @ginidietrich in the snark category. Gini’s far too nice… 😉

  27. jspepper says:

    If it was so low, why not extend the timeline for nominations? And best is, at best, subjective.

  28. arikhanson says:

    @jspepper Because I don’t think that would have helped. Seems like there’s a bit of a bell curve for these types of lists and we’re on the downside of that curve now. Just my opinion. And the intent of this isn’t to really identify the “best” PR blogs out there, but instead to give the entire community a voice in identify the blogs *they* think are the best and provide the most value on a consistent basis. Side note: What resource do you believe has done the best job at identifying the “best” PR blogs on the web?

  29. jspepper says:

    @arikhanson Then maybe it’s time to end it? And none – because there’s no way for anyone to read and categorize ALL the PR blogs out there. It’s an echo chamber from these lists, where the good undiscovered content isn’t discovered at all.

    The awards aren’t the best PR Reader’s Choice – they’re the Readers of Communications Conversations Awards.

  30. arikhanson says:

    @jspepper You’re probably right, Jeremy, but there’s not much I can do about that, right? 🙂 And, I did mention above, I think this is the last year of this. It’s run its course a bit.

  31. Shonali says:

    @JGoldsborough @ginidietrich @arikhanson dannybrown Oh boy. If that happens, just WATCH me pull out my accent.

  32. ginidietrich says:

    @arikhanson @jspepper The thing about lists that works nicely for the blogger who creates them is, if there is a badge, they create great SEO. So I posted last year’s badge on my blog and every time someone goes to Spin Sucks, it creates a backlink for Arik. It’s a great way to achieve two goals.

  33. ginidietrich says:

    @adamsinger I have to up my snark game!

  34. jspepper says:

    @ginidietrich @arikhanson That’s called an echo chamber. Or circle.

  35. Oh, the PR readers choice award seems over, so let me congratulate Waxing Unlyrical (@shonali) in Best Up-and-Coming Blog, Journalistics (@journalistics) in Most Educational Blog, Waxing Unlyrical (@shonali) in Most Thought-Provoking Blog and Spin Sucks (@ginidietrich) in Blog of the Year. My heartwarming congratulations to all of you guys, you really deserve it. Keep it up!

  36. Oh, the PR readers choice award seems over, so let me congratulate B2B Bliss (@elizabethsosnow) in Best Up-and-Coming Blog, Journalistics (@journalistics) in Most Educational Blog, Waxing Unlyrical (@shonali) in Most Thought-Provoking Blog and Spin Sucks (@ginidietrich) in Blog of the Year. My heartwarming congratulations to all of you guys, you really deserve it. Keep it up!