The PR Reader’s Choice Blog Award winners

Tue, Jul 5, 2011

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Before we get to the official announcement today, I want to publicly thank a few folks who wrote recommendations for the winners this year: Jay Baer (former winner), Jodi Echakowitz, Abbie Fink, Marcus Sheridan, Ingrid Abboud and Ken Mueller. Thank you all for taking the time to write the thoughtful recommendations below.

I also want to acknowledge all the nominees, finalists and people who nominated and voted this year. I know it’s not the most scientific process, but the intent is simple: To give the community a chance to recognize some of the outstanding blogs we all read each day.

And with that, I hope you will join me in congratulating your 2011 PR Readers’ Choice Award Winners!

Best Up-and-Coming Blog: B2B Bliss

“BlissPR has mastered the difficult balancing act of running an agency-owned, multi-author blog that maintains consistent quality and tonality every day. In the B2B space in particular, they bring fresh perspectives and great ideas that are useful and grounded in reality. As the B2B world further embraces content marketing and storytelling, this up-and-coming blog will become even more of a must-read. For the record, I’m not unbiased, as I’ve had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth Sosnow and BlissPR for years. I’m absolutely thrilled for their victory here, which demonstrates (as Arik’s awards have done since 2009) that social media and blogging is indeed a meritocracy – at least in part. Turn your browser to and see what the fuss is about.” — Jay Baer, Convince & Convert (2010 winner)

Most Educational Blog: Journalitics

“One of the things that stands out most about Journalistics is that every blog post, whether it’s written by Jeremy Porter or a contributor, provides PR pro’s with very practical advice.  Rather than simply offering up food for thought, Journalistics makes a point of sharing usable tips, great advice and many suggestions that we can learn from or which reinforce good practices in PR. Kudos on a blog well done!” – Jodi Echakowitz, Echo Communications


Most Thought-Provoking: Waxing Unlyrical

Shonali’s blog, Waxing Unlyrical has become a daily stop for me, which I can’t say about too many blogs. I love her personable and realistic take on the worlds of PR and Social Media. Not only is she intelligent, but she presents her information in an incredibly personal and unassuming way. Unlike a lot of industry pundits, she doesn’t pretend to know everything or have a handle on it all.

Additionally, her blog is truly a community. It’s not just a place for reading content and submitting comments, but a place where real discussion takes place in a friendly manner. Shonali embraces the members of her community and gives more than she takes. I’ve been fortunate that in just a short time I am able to call Shonali a real life friend, even though we have never met in person…yet.” — Ken Mueller, Inkling Media


Blog of the Year: Spin Sucks

I’m a long-time subscriber to Spin Sucks.  What started out as me supporting my friend Gini has turned into a daily dose of knowledge and tremendous discussions around public relations and digital communications.  A good mix of guest bloggers keeps the content fresh and engaging. And with Gini’s perspective tossed in, there’s something there for everyone.” — Abbie Fink (@abbief), HMA Public Relations

10 Reasons I love Gini Dietrich’s blog:
1. The most interactive PR/Blogging community on the web.
2. Gini actively listens, cares, and responds.
3. She’s very diverse in her writings, never same old, same old.
4. She promotes others much harder than she promotes herself.
5. The mood is always ‘happy’.
6. The posts aren’t that long, so it’s not a huge time investment.
7. She’s on the cutting edge of everything Social and Digital.
8. There’s nothing fake about her.
9. How can you not love someone who names their dog Jack Bauer?
10. She’s much prettier than Danny Brown. :-)

– Marcus Sheridan (@thesaleslion),

“Gini Dietrich aka Aunt Gini is the epitome of smarts, humor, friendliness and professionalism. And her blog, Spin Sucks, is no different! Gini has managed to build a massive community of loyal fans and friends that love and respect her both as a person and a PR pro. It’s rare to find a site that teaches you something new not once, but twice a day! Spin Sucks does just that and more - all while making you feel at home and comfortable to join the meaningful conversations that are always taking place. Simply put: I love Spin Sucks and everything it stands for because I greatly admire and adore the incredible woman and friend that’s behind it.” — Ingrid Abboud (@nittygriddyblog)

Note: This is the second year in a row Spin Sucks has won the Blog of the Year award.

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congrats to you! (better late than never)


Thanks very much for the comment and info, it was very interesing.


I've never read Aunt Gini's blog but will check it out after reading your post here. Thanks..


Thanks alot for the post. I very much enjoyed it!


AAAHHHH!!!!! This is SO cool, thank you Arik and everyone who voted for Waxing UnLyrical - and @KenMueller - what a sweet note, thank you! I felt like a complete assclown for not getting here earlier, but I spent yesterday cleaning out my office (which was long overdue) - not a bad way to spend a vacation, eh? Congrats @ginidietrich @elizabethsosnow and @journalistics as well - and HUGE props to the entire blogging team at WUL - they have been instrumental in making it what it is... and who knows where it will go?! This was really a lovely way to begin the 2nd half of the year.


Of all the blogs I started reading one year ago, I'm still a devotee of Spin Sucks and Journalistics - great timely content that presents varying points of view. Plus, if Jodi Echakowitz says a blog is's good!

Now, who's going to nominate Arik for next year's award - is that possible???


This was cool Arik, very cool. Personally, I'm a fan of great people and great content receiving a little recognition, and these folks deserve it. And thanks for letting me yap a little about a great person (@ginidietrich) -- not just a great blogger.



I'm flattered to see Journalistics named most education, following in the footsteps of previous winners Jay Baer (Convince And Convert) and Brian Solis (PR2.0). Thanks for the kind words Jodi (and Arik). Congrats to familiar faces Gini and Shonali as well (both could have gotten nods for most educational too). Thanks so much - what a great way to start July!


I was psyched to see my good friends @ginidietrich and @shonali win these awesome awards :)! Needless to say that I'm an avid reader of Spin Sucks and Waxing Unlyrical - they're top notch at every level, not to mention the amazing ladies that are behind each!

I've read Journalistics and B2B Bliss a few times but you and your wonderful readers/voters Arik just gave me a heck of a reason to visit them A LOT more often. So thanks for the reminder.

Great of you to do this Arik and thanks again for asking me to write a small reco for my very dear VBFF Gini.

Congrats to all the winners.

Have a great week.



Well done guys! I'm particularly pleased to see @ginidietrich and Co do so well. One of the most awesome communities on the blog. Way to go:=)


@ginidietrich Lol!! That is going to be my new catch phrase...It's been a wondering day :)

Howie Goldfarb
Howie Goldfarb

@Shonali @ginidietrich @Griddy I am just amazed at how popular Public Radio is these days. To think there was talks of cutting funding when everyone flocks to PR blogs. Maybe they should make NPR just one big blog?

Anyway well deserved all I can say.

As for @Griddy it was originally 75,000 words I was told. They had to use a Cray Super Computer with special algorithms, an IPod, and 17 Benedictine Monks with Quill Pens to get it down to just that paragraph.


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