An Instagram day in the life…

If you’re a regular reader of my blog (or follow me on Twitter or Facebook) you know I’m a huge fan and borderline addicted (who am I kidding?) to Instagram. It’s become my go-to network for enjoyment and community lately. I even recently documented a bunch of my “must follows” in the PR/marketing world–and that list grows by the day as people join the (relatively) new community.

Last week, friend and co-#mnblogcon-conspirator Missy Berggren threw out a great idea: Document one day in the life by posting an Instagram pic each hour that tells the story of my day. I loved that idea immediately and made plans to give it a try this week. Turned out, given my schedule (which has been a bit crazy of late), yesterday was the perfect day. I thought that particular day had all the elements that demonstrate what my days are typically like as a solo counselor (although I didn’t stay with the #photoeveryhour theme I wanted to initially).

So, I give you an Instagram day in the life of Arik Hanson (gratituous third-person reference):

7:56 a.m. — Drop my son off at school

I walk my son to school every day (and usually pick him up). It’s one of my favorite parts of each day. And I get to do it every day. This summer, we’ve been riding our bikes together to school. Couldn’t be any better.

8: 52 a.m. — Working at CoCo MSP.

I’m relatively new to the coworking scene, but ever since I first saw the new CoCo space in Minneapolis, I’ve been a huge fan. I signed up for the part-time package, so I’m down that way once a week for now. Working out great so far. Also gives me an excuse to bike commute at least one day a week.

9: 47 a.m. — My desk

If you don’t like open work environments, you won’t like coworking. I share office space with roughly 20-30 people at any given time at CoCo. This is just a quick shot of my “office space” at CoCo. But, we also have access to pretty cool “conference space” there which is the main driver behind my membership.

12:14 p.m. — Food trucks on Nicollet Mall

After a quick networking appointment with a new connection, I made my way to Nicollet Mall to persue the food trucks. I’ve heard great things about the Dandelion Cafe–but didn’t pull the trigger.

1: 32 p.m. – Caribou near Saks Fifth Ave. Outlet

After a quick lunch with my brother (who also works downtown), I had to find a space to crank out work for a bit before a meeting at an agency downtown. A nearby Caribou did the trick. This was the view from a nearby fountain.

2: 43 p.m. — Bikes at Colle+McVoy

Had an afternoon appointment at local integrated marketing firm, Colle+McVoy downtown for some client work. I’ve been in their office a few times, but love the bike culture they foster across the agency. Everywhere you look there are bikes. These Schwinns were lined up near the lobby.

4:30 p.m. — Government Plaza

Maybe my favorite shot of the day from Government Plaza close to where I parked my bike for the day. Right after I snapped this one, I grabbed my bike and made the trek home to pick up my son (takes about 25 minutes to get home from downtown–not too bad).

6:10 p.m. — Lynhurst Park

After picking up my son and meeting my wife at home, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and it was off to nearby Lynhurst Park for an annual carnival-like event. Obviously, the slide was our first stop 😉

7:24 p.m. — Still at Lynhurst Park

My kids both took their shot at the dunk tank–son hit in on the first try!

After getting the kids down around 8:30 p.m., I was back on my computer for a couple hours before bed. With a speaking engagement on Thursday (today), I tried to get a little extra sleep.

Pretty typical day for me in that I rarely have a “home base” for more than a few hours in any given day. I biked to and from certain spots around the city. And, I spent a fair amount of time with my kids on the “shoulder” portions of my day (my favorite part).

What about you? Have an iPhone? Try documenting your day this way? I know a few others in the Twin Cities were doing this yesterday.

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12 comments on “An Instagram day in the life…

  1. Krista says:

    Arik, you’re making me homesick! That photo from the fountain in Gaviidae Common really put me over. I should check out your Instagram page for more photos of the Twin Cities when I need a fix. This is a great idea, by the way, of sharing what makes you who you are with your audience. Very effective and fun 🙂

  2. rachaelseda says:

    I love it!! Now I just need an iphone so I can do it too! What a great type of journal to keep as well.

  3. arikhanson says:

    @Krista Thanks, Krista. It was really fun to try this. I might do it again soon.

  4. arikhanson says:

    @rachaelseda Get on that! Yeah, I’ve always loved the journaling aspect of blogging. It’s why we have a family blog. Want to chronicle our kids’ lives so we can look back someday and smile…

  5. tamiatmcs says:

    @arikhanson Your pictures are lovely! Looks like a lovely day as well. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. gadgetboy says:

    Well done!

  7. Love this idea! And such fun photos. You got me hooked on Instagram.

  8. Ari Herzog says:

    I don’t own an iPhone so I can only experience instagram updates through others. Your above stream is reminiscent of similar updates capable on Posterous and Tumblr. How’s Instagram different?

  9. arikhanson says:

    @Ari Herzog 1) Filters. I’m a wannabe photog and IG gives me access to shots and filters I wouldn’t otherwise have. 2) Community. You could argue Tumblr has a strong community (and it does), but I love the IG community right now. Feels like Twitter 3 years ago. and, 3) Mobile. Again, I know you can post remotely to Tumblr & Posterous, but this is merely a photo app. It’s a bit different.

  10. Epicbeaver1 says:

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