11 infographics to use in your next social media presentation

Presentations are simply a way of life in our line of work. Whether that means a presentation at your team meeting next Wed. Or, a presentation at your industry conference this winter. Or, a presentation to your colleagues about a new trend. Presentations are a key component of how we communicate on a daily basis.

And, to prepare a solid presentation can take an inordinate amount of time and energy. And, in many cases, graphics that tell a story play a large role in said presentations.

Enter infographics, which have come to dominate the online landscape. You seemingly can’t go a few hours without a new infographic popping up on the Web. But, these visuals are popular for a reason. They’re scannable. Easy to look at. And, like I said, they usually (if done right) tell a powerful story.

So, I thought I’d share a few infographics that have caught my eye the last number of months. Infographics that would fit nicely in many digital marketing/PR presentations in the months ahead:

Who Participates Online

The Science of Social Timing: Email marketing

The Growth of Social Media


Twitter Facts & Figures

The Rise of QR Codes


Social media and crisis communications

 Location Based Marketing


The ROI of Social Media

 How executives are using social media (this one’s a bit older, but the stats are still relevant; Side note: I’d love to see an updated graphic to see if/how these opinions/perspectives have changed in a year-plus)


The History of YouTube Advertising

 The Daily Deal: A Lasting Sale or Just the Latest Craze


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11 comments on “11 infographics to use in your next social media presentation

  1. ascowden says:

    @CUJeffKallin These are great. I will share them with the social media team.

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    Especial para @lebnalandgraf RT @rfratin 11 infográficos para você usar nas suas apresentações de mídias sociais: bit.ly/qbsb7D.

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    Sure! Thanks! RT @hugoseabra19 This goes to @juniojose =) RT @YourInterface: 11 infographics to use in your next social media presentation