29 terms we obvi need to totes elims from our lexi forevs

Didn’t understand that headline? Don’t worry–you’re not alone. I had to have half those words on the list below explained to me by other people at different points. Which is a little ridiculous, isn’t it? I mean, I’m not the sharpest stick, but coinkydink? Really? REALLY?

I’ve complained plenty publicly lately about my disdain for the term “peeps” in the past–but really, the gut feeling goes a lot deeper for terms like this. Why?

Because we’re destroying our language.

I understand we’re turning into a “texting culture” full of shortened and unintelligible words. But, at some point, we need to draw a line in the sand. And, today’s that day.

I’m making a list of ALL the short-hand and unintelligible words we need to eliminate from our every day conversations. I know, I sound a little sanctimonious here, but follow my logic. I’m all for fun. I’m all for funny. But, the more you say these words, the more likely they are to seep into an email or a discussion with your boss. Or, her boss. Or, her boss’ boss. I mean, ever sit in a conversation where someone says “Our peeps were all over Facebook today for obvs reasons. Totes.” to the CMO. That’d go over real well.

So, we’re going to stop. OK, fine, I’m going to stop. Because, truth be told, I’m guilty of this “language bastardization”, too. More than a few times. But, I’m making a pact with myself to cut it out. And, maybe you should, too.

I’m starting with the list below. These are obvious choices–and a few were added by friends online (and for the record, I’m poking fun at my friend Chuck by using the screen grab above. He doesn’t really talk like this. He’s being funny. OK, he’s trying to be funny).


Totes — This is a word my four-year-old would use; try saying “totes” in your next conversation with your CMO, see how that goes for you

Peeps/Tweeps/Tweeple or any derivation thereof — I’ve harped on this long enough, it’s time to end it. Forever.

Jelly — I’m not even sure if this is real–people really use “jelly” in place of “jealous”? If you’ve done this, please light yourself on fire immediately;  courtesy of Pamela Shamblin

Obvi — courtesy of Chuck Hemann

Ridic — courtesy of Chuck Hemann–even though he uses this word about 4,312 times a day

Vacay/Staycay — courtesy of Greg Swan

Adorbs/Adorbz — It’s three more letters people. Really? REALLY? (to confirm, the cap letters indicate I’m screaming)


Twitter ridiculousness

Twitterview — We get it, it’s clever, but enough already.

Twesume — I just threw up in my mouth.

Tweetheart — Remember when Forbes had this term on its cover? I still haven’t forgiven them.

TwinkedIn — Really, you can’t just say I met someone on Twitter and then connected on LinkedIn?

Virtually EVERY term on this ridiculous list (thanks for curating this list Mashable–you just made everyone that much dumber for having read it)


The unintelligible

Noms — and all variations including noms, nom noms and nomming; I still don’t even know what this means. Call me stupid…

Amazeballs — Amazing was just too popular–you had to take it up a notch, didn’t you? via Teresa Basich

For realz — Also see “For reals”; via Heather Cmiel

Awesomesauce — Awesome by itself: totally acceptable; Awesome+ any other word–not so much, via Julio Ojeda-Zapata

Coinkydink — For “coincidence” according to friend Kate Selner; I wish I was kidding.

Tradigital — via Adam Kmiec; not completely opposed to this one, but it does sound a bit stupid.

Yummers — Again, this one doesn’t totally bug me, but it certainly falls in the unintelligbile category; via Colleen McGuire

Stabby — Not even sure what to say about this one–still don’t understand what it means after Laura Scholz explained it to me.



FTW — Hasn’t this one worn out its welcome? courtesy of Nicolena Vratil

FML — Just discovered what this meant. OMG. FML. LMFAO. LOL.

BRB –Be Right Back-it’s 11 characters!!!!! via Matt LaCasse

LMAO — I mean, you’ve seen the “band” right? I rest my case.

Other terms that just need to go away

Guru — Honestly peeps.

Maven — I know, everyone likes to say “marketing maven.” There’s alliteration. I get it. It just bugs the crap out of me.

#justsayin — Popular hash tag, but it’s starting to get pretty darn annoying; via Jason Keith

#fail — I think this one has run its course; agree with Andrew Meyer here

Epic — Isn’t epic the new “amazing?” Regardless, overused and worthless; via David Murray

That’s the start to my list. What would you add?


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151 comments on “29 terms we obvi need to totes elims from our lexi forevs

  1. ellie1912 says:

    I hate buzzwords – especially when I don’t know what they mean.

  2. rdopping says:

    @klklemme WE….even shorter than whateves. It’s a joke, isn’t it?

  3. klklemme says:

    @rdopping WE? Really? Good grief…

  4. arikhanson says:

    @rdopping crap.

  5. arikhanson says:

    @AveusLLC Your favorite Nancy?

  6. I would love to print this out and staple it to the forehead of a great many people that I deal with on a regular basis. The language is quickly becoming an awful mess.

  7. I would love to print this out and staple it to the forehead of a great many people that I deal with on a regular basis. The language is quickly becoming an awful mess.

  8. AdamBritten says:

    Wow, I’m guilty of more of these then I’m proud of. But some of them I actually think are acceptable – I can’t find a better way to describe my “tweeps” without that word. “Twitter people?” That sounds even more strange.

  9. abisnab says:

     @AdamBritten I think the appropriate term is followers.

  10. Mszycam says:

    I don’t care so much about people abbreviating words or using acronyms– I hate it when people spell things how they sound and the only way you can read it is by reading it out loud and by the. You just feel like an idiot. Need an example ” I’m finna eat rhy nah”. “I’m about to eat right now”. “Aaah luh you gurr”. “I love you girl”. “Ion know” “I don’t know”. Do I need more?

  11. blueimpact says:

    While I totes see peeps using obvi something, it really needs to be just obv.  I mean rly.  Leik rly gais.  

  12. augustwest630 says:

    anyone that uses any of these stupid shortcut words needs to be executed as fast as possible

  13. augustwest630 says:

    you are an idiot of the highest order. One day you will be rounded up with the other idiots of your kind, put on a boat, and sunk in the middle of the ocean. seriously you sound stupid saying these kind of words and by defending them or saying that they should be even shorter, truly you have proved my point. You have very little brain capacity.

  14. augustwest630 says:

    You can’t even post a 12 word response without a spelling error. I’m sure everything looks fine to you.

  15. octosigint says:


    Let’s have a round of applause for augustwest630. It’s a truly magnificent feat to not only miss a joke, but to comment on it 8 months later like a grandparent who just figured out how to use the Internet outside of AOL.
    Hats off to you, you hero of the dense. You master of missing the point. You lieutenant of lateness. It takes commitment to produce this kind of Internet outrage, and for this, we will archive the point for all to see.

  16. octosigint says:


    Here is your award, augustwest630. You stand above all in your amazing abilities to miss the point completely.  http://imgur.com/zlSrBBt

  17. ArtOfFloor says:

    I enjoy how you’re upset at the guy for being silly, but you seriously can’t use the shift key consistently.

  18. augustwest630 says:

    Who said that? I can’t see so well. My 90 year old wife picked picked up the phone while I was trying to use the Webernet. Goodness kids these days. Their pants are well below their nipples and I’m outraged. While your rebuttal was well worded, it too obviously missed the point. The fact that I saw this post “8 months late” says nothing. It means only that I don’t consume useless internet garbage at the same sad rate you do. So mock me all day. The real sadness is how fast you responded to it. And if I missed the point, it was only because I couldn’t read any more of your dreck. So you E watching losers can go find something else to do. I’m done. Attack my credibility. I don’t care. You people are all beneath me, and sadly always will be. Keep defending your 8 month old posts. The fact that you responded so fast is a little disarming. How long have you been waiting for human contact? For some one to validate your pathetic opinions? Far too long I suspect.

  19. augustwest630 says:

    I was never upset at anyone. I’m still not. The shift key comment made no sense at all. So congratulations on making less sense than most of the internet. All im saying is that if you, personally use any of these abbreviations you need help. If there was a joke in there any where, the reason I didn’t get it was because it was so UNfunny it gave me cancer. So go get an HBO special. Oh wait. .. you’d probably call it an Hspesh

  20. Tsordi says:

    augustwest630 Abbreviations are as old as the hills. There’s no evidence there’s any harm in them or the people that use them are uneducated or use them out of carelessness. In fact, linguist David Crystal has shown that the fastest texters are also the best spellers (you need to know which letters you can leave out without losing the sense of the word). The Victorians were particularly fond of abbreviating words. 

    So here we are having a respectful, civilized discussion about all this and you barge in and advocate the murder of anyone who abbreviates a word and then start making bizarre personal attacks when you’re laughed at. That’s your entire contribution. Which one of us needs help again?

  21. UgandaMellyButton says:

    Tsordi augustwest630 To the contrary, there are mountains of evidence to prove that abbreviations are extremely harmful…in some cases, life threatening. David Crystal has been exposed as a quack on numerous occasions. The Victorians never EVER abbreviated. Please stop propagating these myths, it’s disgraceful! You need to reconsider what you are contributing to society. Stop your nonsensical commenting and go-go-go… stop wasting time calling people out in comment threads and examine your own life.

  22. Tsordi says:

    UgandaMellyButton I think you might be being ironic with your post, but I’m not sure so I’ll respond as if you’re being sincere. 

    There is no evidence that abbreviations are harmful or life threatening. I’m not even sure what you could mean by that, and I don’t think you can support it. Happy to be surprised, however. 

    You can’t show that David Crystal is a quack. It’s an empty insult. 

    Abbreviations are indeed as old as the hills, and the Victorians did use them. IOU dates to 1618. From 1867, we have the emblematic poem An Essay to Miss Catherine Jay:

    To U, sweet K T J
    I wrote 2 U B 4
    He says he loves U 2 X S
    U R virtuous and Y’s
    Now fare you well dear  K T J

    I will not go-go-go. A common strategy of pedants is to insist that discussion is not possible and demand the silence of those they disagree with. I need to be clear I won’t oblige you in this way. (But I do suspect we won’t be hearing from you again.)

  23. jrose1 says:

    i lyke dis post it make me lern better and talk more better my coworkers speek wrongly and i dont no lyke it good. i now wurk on my tahk skills to imprehs my boss and she pay me more munee.

  24. jrose1 says:

    augustwest630  and octosigint  you two r in luv u should meet and kiss you shud not adjudicate in this format, i am heer to succor you both.
    This is an amalgam of opinions, if ur bof gonna remayne intransigant and glib, then maybe y shud both leeve. I am heer for nuthing but alacrity in my social discourse. Maybe now we will have a vicissitude in the vibe of this thread.

  25. Elly says:


  26. Estatua says:

    A wonderful job. Super helpful inoftmarion.