The Minnesota Blogger Conference recap–in photos

On Saturday, we held the third-annual Minnesota Blogger Conference at Allina Commons in Minneapolis. More than 200 bloggers showed up to learn and meet other bloggers from Minnesota.

We heard from people like Julio Ojeda-Zapata who talked about how to use Google+ as a blogging platform.

We heard from our keynote, Rick Kupchella, as he talked about the future of news media–and how bloggers fit in.

And, we heard from Mykl Roventine about plug-ins that can help your WordPress blog run a little more smoothly.

Of course, there were many other sessions and highlights–that’s just a taste. But, I thought I’d share with you my experience at the Conference in photos. See below.

Hope to see you at next year’s Conference!

Morning came early on Saturday–but these tasty pastries (see what I did there?) made it a bit easier.

Complimentary coffee was one of the many perks made possible by our generous sponsors.

My wonderful co-host/founder, Melissa Berggren kicks things off in the morning lead-off session.

One of my favorite shots of the day–me taking a photo of Julio Ojeda-Zapata taking a panaromic photo with the new iPhone 5 (very meta).

Full house for the morning kick-off session.

Friend, Paul DeBettignies (@mnheadhunter) taking a quick pic of Lauren Melcher’s presentation on blogger relations.

Big turnout for our keynote presentation from Bring Me The News’ Rick Kupchella.

MN bloggers: Send a text with “blog” in the message line to “366-98” and you can fill out a form for your blog to be reviewed as a potential source for Bring Me The News.

My view from the floor (it was packed!) at Mykl Roventine’s plug-in session.

Our closing keynote of the day featured Steve Borsch (in the foreground), Patrick Rhone and Albert Maruggi discussing the merits of podcasting.

The Minnesota Blogger Conference simply doesn’t exist without the support of our fantastic sponsors. Thank you!

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8 comments on “The Minnesota Blogger Conference recap–in photos

  1. PatrickStrother says:

    Congratulations on a remarkably well executed event! RT @arikhanson The @mnblogcon recap–in photos #mnblogcon @allina

  2. GrantLandram says:

    Great event Arik & team. I was thrilled to be a part of it. Thanks!

  3. faskan says:

    its realy remarkable.I like this stuff…

  4. AllMediaReviews says:

    I love when I find out about this stuff weeks, or even months after they are held. Perhaps I’ll find a way to make next year’s event.