38 top Instagrammers in Minneapolis (from 6 of my favorite local IGers)

I’ve talked about this plenty, but Instagram is by far my favorite place to hang out from a social media perspective. I love that it’s more intimate than the other networks. I love that there’s less spam (and fewer company posts). And, I’m a big wannabee photog, so it lets me scratch that itch regularly.

But the one thing about Instagram that is still lacking is a mechanism to find new people to follow. And, from a brand perspective, there’s really no way to figure out who to follow (or engage) by geographic areas (or industry, interest, etc.). That’s a problem–but I’m sure Instagram is working on it now that the big blue monster is involved 😉

In the meantime, I thought I’d take a crack at my own list–this one focused on local Minneapolis/St. Paul IGers. I thought I’d start by listing out my favorite local IGers (Melissa Berggren, Lee Odden, Eric Wheeler, Karl Pearson-Cater, Dane Messel and Mary Woestehoff) and then ask THEM to list their favorite local IGers.

Keep in mind, this isn’t meant to be a “best IGer list”–it’s simply a geo-specific list of my favorite (and their favorite) Instagrammers. Minneapolis/St. Paul folks: I hope this gives you a few new local follows. Who would you add?


Melissa Berggren, @marketingmama, 527 followers, 618 photos, (what she posts: day in the life, family, food)

Eric Wheeler, @eric_wheeler, 836 followers, 813 photos

Jason Sandquist, @jasonsandquist, 324 followers, 278 photos (side note: Fellow beer geek)

Kelly Doudna, @kellydna, 123 followers, 841 photos

@4mamabear, 74 followers, 284 photos

Mary Woestehoff, @whitepeachphoto (796 followers, 2,061 photos)


Dane Messel, @daneray, 244 followers, 544 photos (what he posts: nature, cityscape, day in the life)

Leslie Plesser, @plesserchick, 413 followers, 649 photos
Clint & Katie, @scaredpanda, 457 followers, 375 photos
Chank Diesel, @chank, 1,086 followers, 857 photos
Kyle Matteson, @kylematteson, 848 followers, 808 photos
Ryan Evans, @ryantevans, 202 followers, 399 photos

Eric Wheeler, @Eric_Wheeler, 846 followers, 817 photos (what he posts: Cityscapes, day in the life)

Eric Mueller, @ericmueller, 1,172 followers, 328 photos
Bob, @bobinmsp, 519 followers, 236 photos
Ernesto De Quesada, @erlin1, 1,654 followers; 5,049 photos
Shane Thornes, @shanooga, 46 followers, 118 photos
Jake Helmbrecht, @jakehelmbrecht, 289 followers, 240 photos


Karl Pearson-Cater, @BigBoxCar, 449 followers, 834 photos (What he posts: Beer, #mugshotmondays, family, city life, concerts)

Erik Hess, 522 followers, 763 photos


Lori, @lorika13, 504 photos, 1,213 photos


Chuck Olsen, @chuckumentary, 761 followers, 965 photos

Jen Clough, 239 followers, 660 photos

Brian Perry, 93 followers, 156 photos

Matt Wilson, 186 followers, 388 photos (side note: Also one of my local faves)

Tyler MN, 219 followers, 588 photos (beer geek note via Karl: Tyler runs the beer department at Zipp’s Liquors in South Minneapolis)


Sean Tillmann, 4,295 followers, 727 photos

Mary Woestehoff, @whitepeachphoto800 followers, 2,070 photos (what she posts: day in the life, family)

Laura Ivanova, @lauraivanova, 455 followers, 302 photos

Kate Botwinski, @katebot, 298 followers, 274 photos

Kate Selner, @kate_selner, 355 followers, 873 photos (side note: Foodie alert!)

@mkfiasco, 282 followers; 726 photos



Lee Odden, @LeeOdden1,978 followers, 705 photos (what he posts: travel, cityscapes, day in the life)

Tina Schieffer-Berg, @travelingpants, 812 followers, 405 photos

Greg Swan, @gregswan, 716 followers, 1,053 photos (Side note: If you don’t like Batman, don’t follow Greg)

Lisa Grimm, @lulugrimm, 464 followers, 118 photos

Rob Burmaster, @rburmaster, 582 followers, 411 photos (side note: Maybe my favorite local IGer–and he lives in my hood!)


Shawn Augustine, @Shawniebawnie, 101 followers, 687 photos


@cathybauer0105, 1,236 followers, 612 photos



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11 comments on “38 top Instagrammers in Minneapolis (from 6 of my favorite local IGers)

  1. jaymboller says:

    @thedaneray @arikhanson Sean Tillman doesn’t live here.

  2. eric_wheeler says:

    Thanks again for including my top five! Definitely a cool idea to get a geo-targeted list going. I’ll be following a few more local IGers for sure.

  3. chankfonts says:

    @thedaneray @arikhanson hey thanks! nice to be on the list of local IG ppl. cool!

  4. KatieGaffaney says:

    How about @atmosphere ????

  5. Garmoe says:

    Great list Arik,
    I’m putting together a free Instagram bus tour on Nov. 17 led by Instagrammers Tim Landis and http://instagrid.me/curious2119/ and Ben Madison @benjamin_Edward. We’re going to take a Jefferson Lines bus around Minneapolis and St. Paul, stopping every so often at cool locations, so  the group to do some Instagramming. Should be fun. Anyhow, once we have the details in place I’ll post a link.

  6. glimpsesofsoul says:

    @WhitePeachPhoto Thanks, lady!

  7. katenthekitchen says:

    Thx Mary!! Pleased that @WhitePeachPhoto named me a fav Instagrammer, w/@lauraivanova @katebotwinski @glimpsesofsoul http://t.co/bCU5B2oP

  8. MarketingMama says:

    @4MamaBear you are one of my faves 🙂 love your pics!!

  9. 4MamaBear says:

    @MarketingMama ***blushing ****

  10. ryanol says:

    @bigboxcar @arikhanson my bro http://t.co/1We0Ju1z ought to be on that list. He’s posting cray cray #illustrations as part of field guide