The who’s who of who’s running social media for America’s top companies

It’s been a good 4-5 years since social media blew up the digital world. In those last 4-5 years, many large companies across the country have committed resources to social–and many have staffed appropriately.

Community managers. Social strategists. Directors of Social. New positions have been created. And companies are now clamoring for good, digital talent.

The only problem is: Digital talent is becoming scarce. But, that’s a different topic for a different day.

Today, I wanted to talk about–or, I guess showcase–those who are doing the hard work to integrate social media into some of America’s bigger companies. And then I got to thinking–there really is no list of these people anywhere.

Oh sure, there are Twitter lists here and there. Jeremiah Owyang has his list of social media new hires (and the last time he posted it was April 7). But, I really haven’t seen a good list of corporate social media leaders anywhere.

Probably with good reason. These folks are in high demand. Any such list would be pretty valuable to recruiters and agencies/companies (insert Arik evil laugh here). So, I thought, why not create one? Or, at least START to create one.

Now, the challenge with creating any such list is it’s tough to find ALL the leaders of social at ALL the big companies. After all, I do have  day job :) But, like I said, I thought this was a good start.

Take a peek and let me know who I missed–and who I should add–in the comments. I’ll continue to build in the months ahead. Oh, and I also started a Twitter list of these leaders, in case you’re interested in following them there, too.


Natanya Anderson

Natanya A

Company: Whole Foods

Title: director-social media and digital marketing

Twitter: @natanyaP

Background: Powered, Dell, Dachis Group

Scott Monty

Scott Monty Twitter

Company: Ford Motor Co.

Title: Global Digital and Multimedia Communications Manager

Twitter: @scottmonty

Background: Agency (crayon), health care (Boston Healthcare Associates)


Tony Saucier

Tony S

Company: Lifetime Fitness

Title: Director-social media

Twitter: @tsauce

Background: OLSON, Exponent, Weber Shandwick


Liz Brown Bullock

Liz Brown Bullock

Company: Dell

Title: Director-social media and community

Twitter: @lizbbullock

Background: Dell, Olgilvy, DDB Needham


Paolo Mottola

Paolo Mottola

Company: REI

Title: Digital engagement program manager

Twitter: @paolojr

Background: Eddie Bauer, Weber Shandwick


Scott Gulbransen

Scott G

Company: H&R Block

Title: Director-social media and social business

Twitter: @sdgully

Background: Applebees, Intuit


Adam Kmiec

Adam K

Company: Campbell’s

Title: Director-global digital marketing & social media

Twitter @adamkmiec

Background: Walgreens, Colle+McVoy, Con Agra


Lee Aase


Company: Mayo Clinic

Title: Director-center for social media

Twitter: @leeaase

Background: Mayo Clinic, politics

Christi McNeill


Company: Southwest Airlines

Title: Social media and emerging media

Twitter: @christimcneill

Background: Southwest Airlines

Justin Levy

Justin Levy

Company: Citrix

Title: Head of social media

Twitter: @justinlevy

Background: New Marketing Labs



Alicia Jones

Alicia Jones

Company: Honda

Title: National manager of Honda and Acura social marketing

Twitter: @alicia_at_honda

Background: Honda, Edelman


Christi Woodworth

Christi Woodworth

Company: Sonic

Title: Director of social media

Twitter: @cwoodworth

Background: Heifer International, Oklahoma Public Schools Foundation

Umang Shah

Umang Shah

Company: Wal-Mart

Title: Director-social strategy

Twitter: @umang_shah

Background: Microsoft, Xerox


Wendy Arnott

Wendy Arnott

Company: TD Bank Group

Title: Vice president-social media and digital communication

Twitter: @wendy_arnott

Background: TD Bank, Mercer


Ryon Harms

Ryon Harms

Company: Farmer’s Insurance

TItle: Director of social media

Twitter: N/A

Background: WebIR, media


Joe Curry

Joe Curry

Company: Target

Title: Social media manager

Twitter: @joejcurry

Background: McDonalds, Padilla Speer Beardsley



Scott Hudler

Scott Hudler

Company: Dunkin Donuts

Title: Vice president of global consumer engagement

Twitter: @scotthudler

Background: Dunkin Donuts, Mars, Popeye’s Chicken


Blair Klein

Blair Klein

Company: AT&T

Title: Executive director-emerging communications

Twitter: @bklein34

Background: AT&T, Edelman


Jonathan Pierce

Jonathan Pierce

Company: American Airlines

Title: Director of social media communications

Twitter: @jonnorp

Background: American Airlines


Rick Wion

Rick Wion

Company: McDonalds

Title: Director of Social Media

Twitter: @GoMcD

Background: Golin Harris, media


Jon Lombardo

Jon Lombardo

Company: GE

Title: Leader of social media

Twitter: N/A

Background: Politics, PSFK



Greg Gerik

Greg Gerik

Company: 3M

Title: Social media leader

Twitter: @ggerik

Background: West Publishing, Legal


Beth Reilly

Beth Reilly

Company: Kraft Foods

Title: Digital ands social marketing lead

Twitter: N/A

Background: Leo Burnett, Universal



Karen Gutierrez

Karen G

Company: U.S. Bank

Title: Social media director

Twitter: @curiousbanker

Background: Media



Ashley Callahan

Ashley Callahan

Company: Coca-Cola

Title: Manager of digital communications and social media

Twitter: @ashhazie

Background: Media



Jamie Simoni

Jamie Simoni

Company: American Eagle Outfitters

Title: Marketing manager-social media

Twitter: @jamiesimoni

Background: American Eagle, Red Cross



Chuck Stephens

Chuck Stephens

Company: Humana

Title: Social media marketing consultant

Twitter: @SoChuckified

Background: Humana


Adrian Parker


Company: Intuit

Title: Global head of social media, mobile and emerging media

Twitter: @adriandparker

Background: Radio Shack, Foot Locker



Vince Golla

Vince Golla

Company: Kaiser Permanente

Title: Director-digital media and syndication

Twitter: @VinceGolla

Background: Kaiser, Oracle, Media



Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller

Company: General Mills

Title: Social media engagement manager

Twitter: @HelloAaron

Background: Target, Weber Shandwick



Connie Chan Wang


Company: LinkedIn

Title: Social media strategist

Twitter: @cheesycons

Background: Yahoo


Note: Big thanks to for many of the pics above…


I agree with danicakombol. @AdamNaide is taking Social Media to a whole new level at Cox Communications. His passion persistently drives results and exceeds established goals. He is willing to take risks and drive the business at a company which is largely rooted in printed media. Definitely someone to take note of. 


@adamnaide Is doing a phenomenal job at Cox Communications.  Please add him to this list! 


Rob Knop, AVP, Digital Marketing Lab at Pacific Life Insurance Company (Fortune 500).

arikhanson moderator

I'm adding Lisa Weser (@lisaweser) who heads up PR/social for Budweiser. Not sure how I forgot her. Also, Bryan Vincent (@bvincent) below plays a lead role with social at United Health Group here in Minnesota. Should have added him, too.


Shane Adams, AMC Theatres - @shaneadams 

Lee Adams - Starbucks @leeadams 

Katie Morse - Billboard @misskatiemo 

Kate Burning - Nintendo @kateburning 

Amy Brown - Wendy's @amyrosebrown 

Joe Flowers - FritoLay @unhatched 

Alisha Templeton - Ameristar @alishatempleton 

Ricky Cadden - RadioShack @rcadden 

Laurie Meacham - JetBlue @lauriemeacham 

Stephanie Scott - American Air @stephaniescott 

Sarah Barnes - Zales @sbarnes0215 

Tori Cardenas, Hilton Worldwide - @victoriaashley4 


I could go on and on as we have 143 people currently in our Brands Google+ group, but there is a social media list out there for the Brand Socialites. Many of us created our own list, but Meg's is one of the most extensive, she has since gone to agency side:


Best bet is to look at who @BrandSocialites is following, you'll get a good idea of who runs things on the brand side.


The end. 

arikhanson moderator

 @cubanalaf  Good adds, Lauren! I remember talking about this before, but you weren't admitting "outsiders" the group (understandably, of course). Searching for these folks via LinkedIn/Twitter was tougher than I thought, so that Twitter list above is very helpful (although not all work for "large" companies).


 @arikhanson  @cubanalaf I can speak to the "outsiders" comment, Arik. We actually want as many brand folks as possible in the group. We just prefer to not have any consultants who are paid by an agency even if they only do brand work. Slight distinction. But we are absolutely allowing other people in. Just not non-brand folks. :)


 @shaneadams from @amctheatres 


Others from our groups:

Joe Stupp from Chipotle - @joestupp 

Justin Gardner from AMC Theatres - @jpgardner 

Jenna Bromberg from Pizza Hut - @jennabrom 

Andy Netzel from Hoover - @andy216 

Jill McFarland from Applebee's - @jillmcfarland 


And don't forget @cubanalaf from Landry's. :)


 @arikhanson What do you consider large? :) I mean, I work for one of the largest private companies in the world. :P #humblebrag


I think its also important though to distinguish between a public and private large company. For example, Brinker International (similar to us, they own Chili's and Maggiano's) is a public company, so they handle things a bit differently on that scale. 

arikhanson moderator

 @shaneadams1 No, I know WHY you keep it exclusive. I wasn't taking shots :) Thanks for the adds!


 @arikhanson I know @shaneadams1 can speak more to this... but we also go off recommendations... ie. Who does X know? More often than not, brand people know brand people, especially their competitors.


For example, Dan Holm is one of my fave brand people, even if he works for Bloomin' Brands (which owns Outback and other steakhouses) @DanHolm 

arikhanson moderator

 @cubanalaf Thinking more "Fortune 500". Really tough to find info. Tougher than you'd think. You have the inside track with that group--and because you're "one of them." In my shoes, those people are really hard to find. Especially outside of the Twin Cities.