7 real-time marketing examples brands can emulate during the “Big Game”

As the “Big Game” approaches on Sunday, there’s been a lot of talk about real-time marketing gone bad.

Heck, we saw it on full display last Sunday during the Grammys, didn’t we? (see below–thank you Arby’s)

But, I don’t hear a lot of chatter about real-time marketing DONE RIGHT. Admittedly, it’s tougher to find, but I thought I’d go looking.

When I did, I found the seven following examples from the past year that I thought did a pretty nice job in terms of “real-time marketing”. Hopefully, brands will learn from these leaders this Sunday!



What can brands learn: Nothing overly sexy or cute here–just a solid message in support of equality and a gentle push. Sometimes shorter is better.



Sbux RTM

What can brands learn: Although this was a fairly polarizing campaign (ironic, considering what it’s about, right?), I loved much of the execution including Starbucks’ offer that week of one large coffee for those who randomly bought someone else in line their favorite drink (driving traffic in-stores). The lesson: Sometimes “doing the right thing” comes before profits.



What can brands learn: You know why this works so well? Because it’s simple and it drives traffic TO WALMART STORES! Imagine that, marketing that actually sells stuff. Huh?


Belize Tourism Board

Belize Tourism

What can brands learn: While this short note is clearly a PR play by a big agency based here in Minnesota (OLSON, in case you’re wondering), it’s a brilliant one. From the tone of the letter (not pushy, references specific characters, but also with a clear ask) to way they simply built off one line in one episode of one of the more popular shows of the last 10 years. Also: OLSON took it one step further recently with this real-time play off the recent #polarvortex (although I could do without the “one really cool idea” line at the end, I did love the concept).



What brands can learn: You don’t ALWAYS have to be the center of attention, brands. And, you don’t ALWAYS need to be selling. This wonderful tweet did neither, which is why it worked so well on that day in November.


Warby Parker

Warby Parker IG

What brands can learn: Clean, put powerful visual (look Mom, no Photoshop!) along with a subtle headline that gently pushes their product.

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