9 (realistic) social content trends to keep your eye on in 2017

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to speak to 150 social media enthusiasts at Social Media Breakfast. My topic: Social media trends! Tis the season, right? But, I had a little different take on social media trends than you might think. You see, most trend posts¬†are largely garbage–the trends are typically outdated or overblown and there’s usually very little depth to the advice or ideas the author is providing. Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about.

So, I aimed to take on these “trend du jours” and instead, talk about nine more realistic social media trends that I see emerging in 2017. For each, I provided specific examples, stats and advice for how people could take advantage of these trends in the year ahead.

Now, I’m no futurist. I’m not a “social media expert.” But, I do read an awful lot of PR/social media industry material. And, I often have opinions on this stuff since I work in the trenches each and every day. Obviously, the entire presentation with the voice-over is better, but if you missed Social Media Breakfast last week, this will have to do!

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