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#MyOreoCreation Contest – Personalized social at its best?

A few weeks ago, while checking Twitter, I  happened across an interesting hash tag: I decided to participate: #myoreocreation #contest

Talking Points Event Series: 4 Ways Companies can Bolster Brand Awareness during the “Big Football Game” next February

Last year, I approached the University of Minnesota about starting a new speaker series named “Talking Points: Exploring the Future

You’re not a blogger until you’ve offended someone

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post about how I believe (most) brand-side folks are less networked than their

PR Rock Stars: U.S. Bank’s Susan Beatty

Susan Beatty knows a lot of people. Like A LOT. And when you run into someone who knows Susan, the

Rethinking how to introduce a new CEO to employees

In case you haven’t been reading the Star Tribune business section lately, there’s been a rash of CEO turnover in