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Where are they now? 7 former colleagues that went on to do amazing things

If you’ve met me before, or are a frequent reader of this blog, you probably know I’m a big fan

PR Rock Stars: Patterson Dental’s Sarah Matsumoto

I’ve “known” Sarah Matsumoto for a long time now. But, for many of those years, that relationship was mostly based

The app that few marketers are talking about (but probably should be)

My daughter is nine (soon to be 10). And, apparently, age 9 is now the socially acceptable time to ask

“You guys”: Acceptable internet slang or public speaking killer?

Last weekend I was at The Dells with my kids (no laughing please–I grew up going to the Dells and

10 Instagram influencers I’d be targeting with if I were a Minnesota-based brand

Influencer marketing. So hot right now. In fact, influencer marketing has been hot for a while now. And, I see