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Two weeks ago, the eyes of the world were on Minneapolis during Super Bowl week. And, among other things (including a fantastic game), that meant brand activations. At parties. At Mall of America. And, at Super Bowl LIVE in downtown Minneapolis. One of my clients (my longest-running client, in fact) was particularly active that week

I graduated from college in 1996. And I remember thinking when I graduated how cool it would be to work for either General Mills or Best Buy–two of the bigger Minnesota-based companies at the time. As I joined the workforce, I remember talking to agency folks, and the singular mantra seemed to be how cool

Last week, my friend Amanda Oleson sent me a note about a post I had written that featured her that popped up in her “Facebook Memories” from 2012. The post was about Path. Yeah, you remember Path. The hot new social networking app destined to dethrone Facebook in 2012. Yeah, that didn’t happen. But, that

PR Rock Stars: Trane’s Heidi McGuire

I first met Heidi McGuire three years ago through a mutual friend. She was referred to me for a potential piece of business with Thermo King (at the time). After a couple meetings, Heidi and I were working together. That work ended a couple years ago, but I knew I wanted to stay closely connected

Living in Minnesota, I feel compelled to write about Super Bowl-related topics this week. After all, I’ll probably be north of 75 the next time the Big Game comes to our state! Last weekend, we visited Super Bowl LIVE on Nicollet Avenue downtown Minneapolis. I’ve been following along online all week to see what brands

For those of us living in Minneapolis this week, it’s kind of a marketer’s dream. There are “brand activations” everywhere. I took my family downtown Minneapolis last weekend to check out Super Bowl LIVE and you couldn’t go 10 feet without seeing some sort of brand logo or signage. Yep, we’re in the belly of

Other than Instagram, what’s the hottest social media platform in 2018? Probably LinkedIn. Consider the facts: LinkedIn now has 500 million daily active users–that’s more than every other platform except Facebook and Insta. 36 percent of LinkedIn members read interesting articles they find in their feed–an increase of 20 percent since 2014. Videos from the limited release

Earlier this week, the Twin Cities experienced the biggest winter storm we’ve seen in five years. 10+ inches of snow fell in many parts of the cities, crippling roadways and commuters. As a result, Minneapolis Public Schools and St. Paul Public Schools canceled school for the day on Tuesday. And, as you can imagine, social