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A few weeks ago, I ran across this visual in my LinkedIn feed from a fella named Larry Kim, CEO of Mobile Monkey: The notion of the “unicorn” marketer is nothing new. It’s a concept that’s been discussed for years now. All companies want one, and most have a very hard time finding them. I’m

In a couple short weeks I will be closer to 50 than I am to 40. That’s a sobering fact. No, 50 isn’t that old. But, it’s definitely a milestone and once you’re past 50, you’re closer to death than you are to your birth (now THAT’S a sobering fact!). Since I’m in that mid-40s

We all know Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are constantly tweaking their platforms. It seems not a week can go by without one of those social media networks changing SOMETHING in the user experience. But, one social platform seems to fly under the radar a bit when it comes to this conversation: LinkedIn. And it definitely

Usually, you’ll find a mix of content on this blog that’s either helpful or interesting–at least that’s always my goal. Today, you’re going to hear a rant. Because I’ve had enough. I need to vent. I need to share my experience and hear others who have had similar experience (please, in the comments, if you

I’ve seen a number of articles recently that have focused on a growing–and increasingly troublesome–trend in our industry: Our complete over-reliance on tools and technology. In a recent guest post on Mark Schaefer’s blog, the author tried to make the case for why more marketers should be budgeting for social analytics software. I would violently

Let me know if the following situation sounds familiar: Your PR team works for months on end to secure a fantastic media placement with The New York Times. The story runs in the New York Times! Your employees are ecstatic and proud. You make it available to them in your employee advocacy tool. Employees are

I usually have a rule for folks I profile in this series: I must have met them in person. Simple rule. And I’ve followed it to the letter of the law. Until today. I’ve “known” Christian Plewacki for years. That is, I’ve followed him on a combination of Twitter and LinkedIn. And, I’ve always respected

I was all set to write a post I was going to title “The PR agency family tree.” I was modeling it after a great article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune last weekend featuring the Minneapolis advertising agency family tree. But, as I started to research this “family tree” I started to see a trend.