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One question I’ve consistently heard from companies re: social media marketing over the last 10 years of consulting has simply been: What are other companies doing with their social media teams? Implied in that comment are the following sub-questions: Where do these social media teams sit in the organization? Who do they report up through?

Last week I brought my son to the orthodontist for his regular check-in. We had an 8 a.m. appointment. Great–early in the day, I thought. They’ll surely be on time. In the past, this particular ortho has decidedly NOT been on time. Like never. I once waited an hour with my son to get in.

Last December, I celebrated my tenth year of blogging. Whoops, I guess I forgot to pop that bottle of champagne! I’m usually a sentimental guy, but apparently when it comes to my blog I lost that capacity. At any rate, I got around to reflecting on 10 years of blogging recently. I’ve written more than

Last week, a post by long-time blogger and consultant, Mark Schaefer, ruffled a few feathers–and for good reason. Generally, the post was about how MORE experience could actually HURT you in the marketing profession. It started with a quote from Olga Adrienko, head of global marketing for SEMRush: “In our field of marketing, experience is

Last week, the PR Council, an association representing 110 top U.S. public relations firms, announced a new policy for its member firms: Pay your interns! My initial response? What took so damn long! Full disclosure: I had two unpaid internships in 1995 and 1996. It was not pleasant. This has been a lightning rod issue

Last week, Hootsuite’s Ryan Holmes wrote an outstanding piece about how the rules of social media marketing have changed. Namely, how we’ve gone from “Town Square” to “Family room” (read the full post for his explanation). While Holmes talked about how we’re in the midst of transitioning to a post-social-media landscape, I envision another stark

Yesterday, the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC) issued a four-sentence press release that officially booted the University of St. Thomas out of the conference. And just like that a founding member of the conference was history. Communicated with a 94-word press release. And no further comment from anyone at any of the other MIAC universities.

I’m not breaking news by saying Facebook hasn’t had the best year. Privacy concerns. A slew of negative PR hits. And, rumors that more people are leaving Facebook every day. As a result, many pundits in our industry are predicting the end of Facebook–some (former founders) are even calling for it to be broken apart!