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PR wire services have always been a bit of a mystery to me. I’ve never been a big user, and I’ve never been a big advocate. Maybe it’s been the kind of work I do (primarily social/digital the last eight-plus years). Maybe it’s been the kinds of companies I worked for in the past. Maybe

Last weekend, I read an interesting article by Jennifer Van Grove, columnist for the San Diego Union (her original article was picked up by the Star Tribune). In particular, this quote struck a chord with me: “Facebook has a friends and family problem, meaning the tight-knit social fabric that drew us in — important or

I’ve been asking myself that exact question for the last 20-plus years. And, apparently, I’m not the only one. I posed this question on LinkedIn last week and saw a tsunami of comments from friends and colleagues who have had HORRIBLE experiences in the not-so-distant past. To be clear, I’m not currently looking for a

An interesting shift is going on with the second-most popular social network in the U.S. Instagram is now all about “stories.” Consider the stats: By last count, Instagram Stories now has 300 million daily active users. That’s more users than Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn. Stories have also reportedly increased the time users spend on Instagram,

Did you know that June 1 is NATIONAL DONUT DAY?!?!? Why am I (virtually) screaming? Because I’m a huge donut fan. Goes back at least 30 years for me with my family buying us donuts after church each Sunday. These days, I live in the belly of the donut beast–within a few miles of Baker’s

“I’m done with agency life. It’s too many hours, too stressful and I have other things I’d like to do.” It’s a conversation I’ve had with more than a few friends and colleagues over the years. You could replace “agency life” with “corporate life” and insert a whole other sub-set of people, too. Truth is:

I’ve known Emily Negrin now for probably almost 10 years. And, she’s always been one of those people I think would be fun to work with. Why? She’s smart. Values networking and ongoing learning. And, genuinely likes to laugh–and doesn’t take herself too seriously. That’s my kind of co-worker! Who knows, maybe we’ll get that

Recently, I’ve noticed a lot more traction around a term and space I’ve worked in with a couple clients the last few years: the “Employer Brand.” According to Wikipedia, an “Employer brand” is the reputation of an employer, and its value proposition to its employees, as opposed to its more general corporate brand reputation and value proposition to