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You may have heard about the big Basecamp news last week. CEO, Jason Fried, publicly announced some big changes at the tech company that didn’t go over so well with employees–or the general public. Chief among them: He wanted to keep politics and issues that are plaguing our society right now far away from work.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen the big rush on social audio. First, Twitter unveiled Twitter Spaces. Then, LinkedIn said it was thinking about a Clubhouse rival. Then, Spotify. Then Facebook. Seemingly, everyone is now in the social audio game now–or, at least has plans to enter it. But, this all feels very familiar,

When this pandemic set in over a year ago now, a lot of things changed for me. My family was at home with me–all the time. I could no longer work at coffee shops. I no longer visited the gym. And I rarely saw friends. All of that took its toll–as it did for many

A couple weeks ago, Pew Internet released another great report detailing social media use in 2021.  I recommend taking a peek at the whole report since it outlines many demos around who’s using which platforms. For example, LinkedIn trends toward white, middle-aged men with college degrees making $75+. Makes sense, right? Meanwhile, TikTok trends younger Hispanic

Yesterday, I had the good fortune to moderate (or really, co-moderate) my first Clubhouse room. This came about from a post I made last week about the evolving nature of social media roles and job descriptions. Tom Buccheim, executive social media advisor at American Family Insurance, had shared my post and since he’s so connected

According to a recent study by LinkedIn, “digital marketing jobs” were among the top 15 most in-demand jobs in the U.S. in 2021. Anecdotally, I can confirm that. As someone who looks at Indeed, LinkedIn and other online job portals every week for my Friday e-newsletter, I am seeing FAR more digital marketing and comms

I know, I know, it’s mid-April and COVID cases and deaths are rising again. But vaccinations are ramping up, too. Hope is on the horizon. It feels like we’re almost there. And, as I think about what’s next, in-person industry events immediately pop to mind. The big question is: When will that be? When will

Kristina Wright is one of those people everyone seemingly is drawn to. Just a quick glimpse at her LinkedIn posts and you’ll see what I mean. I felt the same way–even though, to my knowledge (COVID brain is hurting my memory these days!), we’ve never met in-person. But, I can just kinda tell. Kristina is