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Four years ago, I made a decision to join the Winona State Alumni Board. As part of that work, we started the Winona State Mass Comm Reunion. It’s an annual event held each January at a brewery in downtown Minneapolis, and it gives me a great chance to reconnect with old friends and meet new

There’s been an awful lot of talk about “hustle” in the business world lately. I blame Gary V. for 98% of this. All kidding aside, Gary is merely a small part (OK, fine, BIG part) of the larger “hustle culture” that has emerged in the business (and PR/social) world the last few years. And, truth

As a blogger, I don’t get pitched all that often. After all, I’m not a trendy food blogger/influencer. However, I did receive two somewhat interesting and relevant “pitches” in the last month. They were both local events that I would at least consider attending. They were both at least mildly intriguing (to be clear, neither

An interesting post titled “No, Organic Content Isn’t Dead. It Just Has a New Purpose” on LinkedIn got me thinking recently. We’ve heard so much recently about organic social being completely dead, with huge drops in organic engagement. We’re constantly told that social media is now a pay-for-play environment. And, if you don’t want to

Over the course of any given year, I meet a lot of people. It’s the nature of my business. Essentially, in many ways, I get paid to know a lot of people. It’s good for business. It’s good for this blog. It’s good for the podcast. And it’s good for the events I help run.

Last week was a pretty typical week in terms of how I communicate with clients and colleagues. I wrote 25 direct messages on Facebook. 12 direct messages on LinkedIn. 21 texts. 3 direct messages on Twitter. 1 direct message on Instagram. And way too many emails to count. And I’m quite certain I’m on the

Not sure if you heard, but Target Field hosted a small football game last month. Truth be told, it was a very BIG football game–both in terms of the matchup, and size of the crowd in attendance. The St. Thomas/St. John rivalry has been around for decades, but when they played at Target Field on

Last week, I attended a momentous event for those of us here in Minneapolis. Our 100th Social Media Breakfast. No other SMB in the country has made it to 100 yet–quite a testament to the community we have here in Minnesota. And, it never happens without Rick Mahn (who founded our SMB) and Jen Jamar