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According to a recent study by LinkedIn, “digital marketing jobs” were among the top 15 most in-demand jobs in the U.S. in 2021. Anecdotally, I can confirm that. As someone who looks at Indeed, LinkedIn and other online job portals every week for my Friday e-newsletter, I am seeing FAR more digital marketing and comms

I know, I know, it’s mid-April and COVID cases and deaths are rising again. But vaccinations are ramping up, too. Hope is on the horizon. It feels like we’re almost there. And, as I think about what’s next, in-person industry events immediately pop to mind. The big question is: When will that be? When will

Kristina Wright is one of those people everyone seemingly is drawn to. Just a quick glimpse at her LinkedIn posts and you’ll see what I mean. I felt the same way–even though, to my knowledge (COVID brain is hurting my memory these days!), we’ve never met in-person. But, I can just kinda tell. Kristina is

A free donut a day with your vaccine card. That’s what Krispy Kreme offered up last week in the first (big) attempt at #vaxmarketing we’ve seen so far. To no one’s surprise, the internet lashed back. Specifically around the issue that donuts are potentially worse than the vaccine! I mean, I’ll give you a minute.

For years, what’s been one of the key social media “best practices” that’s been beaten into our heads? SNACKABLE CONTENT! It’s all about snackable content, right? Your videos need to be 10 seconds or fewer. Your blog posts should be 500-700 words. No more. Your social posts should be short so people can “snack” on

Since last spring/summer when this pandemic began to take hold, we’ve all been talking about how its changed work forever and how the “new normal” will most like be a version of what most are calling a “hybrid model.” We started to see that come to life, officially, last week as Prime Therapeutics announced it’s

A year ago today was the day I remember this all started feeling very real. The pandemic was real. Lockdowns were happening. Kids were not going to school. And, the future did not look all that good (this was the last pic I have of myself pre-pandemic from our trip to Palm Springs last March).

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but people are angry out there. I mean, like REALLY ANGRY. It’s no surprise. Between the pandemic, politics, racial injustice, and a long list of other issues and topics, there’s absolutely no shortage of things to be legitimately frustrated and angry about right now. But, it doesn’t detract from