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Do you need a social media coach?

During the pandemic, I’ve been lucky enough (emphasis on LUCKY) to secure a few new clients. One of those has been Stacia Nelson owner and founder of Pivot Strategies. However, it hasn’t been my typical consulting arrangement. Stacia hired me—in part—to help her find her voice on social media, especially LinkedIn. Her posts have helped her share more

I know, I know. Everyone hates lists. A number of people have told me as much straight to my face in the past! But, I’ve always been a fan. Our industry has proliferated them to the point of being a popularity contest. But, I’ve always tried to use and develop lists that are interesting, built

PR Rock Stars: Life Time’s Dan DeBaun

“The Snack Guy.” That’s what a number of folks know Dan DeBaun as at his employer, Life Time. But, as you’ll quickly see in this short interview, Dan is a whole lot more. He’s a former journalist-turned-PR pro. He’s a runner. And, he may be the first (and only) journalist to interview cats on TV!

The missed opportunity that was Slideshare

In case you missed it, LinkedIn sold Slideshare, the once-popular slide deck social sharing site, to Scribd a few weeks ago. That thud you hear is the sound of the news landing in social media circles. Few people cared. And, for good reason. Since buying Slideshare in 2013 (it’s been SEVEN YEARS since they bought

Rex Chapman. Does the name ring a bell? For many in 2020, you probably know him as that guy on Twitter who shares mostly awesome (and funny) stuff in your feeds. For a smaller number of people, the name Rex Chapman conjures up images of dunks wearing a University of Kentucky uniform in the early

News flash: It was my birthday yesterday (8/24). Don’t worry if you didn’t send me a card–I only get 3 anymore (and I love those three!). I received the usual influx of happy birthday messages on Facebook, LinkedIn, text and email. Side note: Not one person called me on my birthday. Not one! Anyway, I

I saw this tweet last week and it made me chuckle (the second tweet made me chuckle even harder!). Not so much because it was funny (it is)–but because it’s true. Man, is it true. And, I’m here to say during the last five months, few people in marketing and communications have had a tougher

As summer slowly draws to a close here in Minnesota, there’s been increasing chatter about one big topic: Are you thinking about relocating for the winter months? With the pandemic showing no signs of slowing down and Old Man Winter staring us right in the face, Minnesotans are facing the grim prospect of being locked