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A couple weeks ago, long,-time blogger, Mark Schaefer, got a lot of people going by bringing up a significant lightning-rod topic: the intolerance of the “hustle” culture. In the post, Schaefer talks about “Hustle” proponents and how they tend to look down on people who do not chase their dream or job hop for the

Higher education advocate. Social media and communications professional. Self-proclaimed data geek. And movie buff. Just a few of the terms I’d use to describe this month’s Social Media Rock Star: Kendall Bird. I got to know Kendall a bit during her time at the Mall of America earlier in her career. Since then, I’ve worked

It seems like career management has been a hot topic lately. In fact, Minnesota AMA hosted a session on this exact topic last week. And, it’s a topic I’m particularly passionate and interested in–always have been. When I worked on the corporate side. When I worked on the agency side. And, now, as I work

A couple years ago, I made a decision: I wasn’t going to deride brands or people online when it came to social media marketing campaigns. I’ve done it a bit in the past, and I always felt bad about it. And, bottom line: it wasn’t–and isn’t–productive. However, with that said, I’m calling one example out

It’s a question I’ve been asking myself more and more lately. Why? Because the stats lay out a pretty compelling case for consideration right now: The coveted millennial audience increasingly spends a lot of time on Instagram Instagram trends younger–59% of those ages 18-29 use the platform and 33% of those 30-49 use it Influencers

A post by Ted Bauer got me thinking lately: “The dirty little secret about our supposed data revolution in organizations is that C-Suiters literally have no idea what they’re looking at most of the time” He’s right. But, I’d take it one step further: Not only does the C-suite have no idea what they’re looking at

When you’re one of the largest tax consulting/preparation companies in the country, there are certain events that come up year after year that marketers and communicators are challenged with promoting. Like National Shred Day. OK, so that’s kinda a made up day (I couldn’t find evidence online–save HRB’s announcement–but maybe it is real given there’s

A couple weeks ago, I had a conversation with a colleague I’ve heard far too often over the last eight years since I began my solo consultant journey: “Hiring managers and recruiters are telling me they’re not interested in me for full-time roles.” It’s a refrain I’ve heard from solo friends looking for full-time jobs