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I saw this tweet last week and it made me chuckle (the second tweet made me chuckle even harder!). Not so much because it was funny (it is)–but because it’s true. Man, is it true. And, I’m here to say during the last five months, few people in marketing and communications have had a tougher

As summer slowly draws to a close here in Minnesota, there’s been increasing chatter about one big topic: Are you thinking about relocating for the winter months? With the pandemic showing no signs of slowing down and Old Man Winter staring us right in the face, Minnesotans are facing the grim prospect of being locked

Our COVID-19 winter has seen the start of many social media marketing trends. But, one I find particularly interesting–the Twitter Watch Party. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that many people (including me) were saying Twitter was essentially dead as a social media marketing tool (my podcast co-host, Kevin Hunt, said Twitter and Facebook

What’s our hash tag strategy? It’s a question I think every company has asked itself or its agency partner over the last 10 years. And, it’s a question I’ve written about before. But a recent Social Media Examiner article got me thinking about hash tags again. Specifically if and how people are using them. This

A few weeks ago, friend, partner and client, Stacia Nelson, made the following post on her Facebook page. The message: Don’t tell me I can’t achieve that huge goal. I’LL SHOW YOU! That post resonated with me a ton, because it’s exactly what I’ve used to motivate myself throughout my life and career. I remember

One of the most successful (most viewed) posts I’ve ever made on this blog was this post about how people (at the time–but still today, really) were over-using ridiculous phrases like “peeps” and “obvi” to the point of driving me insane! I think I remember writing that post in about 10 minutes. I wrote it

We all have that friend or colleague. You know the one. That person with the social media profile shot that doesn’t exactly match their actual appearance. Or, to be more blunt: their social media profile shot looks nothing like them. In some cases, it’s a profile shot from 10+ years ago—making the person look younger.

Over the years, I’ve had more than a few clients say some version of the following phrase to me: “You’re part consultant, part therapist.” I couldn’t think of bigger compliment! Why a compliment? Because, for a client to say that it means they trust you implicitly. It means they feel they can confide in you.