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I can’t take credit for the idea behind this post. A fella I follow on Twitter named Matt Lindner tweeted this earlier in the week: He’s spot on. I’ve been hearing the same thing from so many friends and colleagues over the last 6-9 months. And it’s not surprising at all. Not given what we’ve

Digital integration. It’s one of THE buzzwords in our marketing world. When done right, it works wonderfully well. Other times, well, let’s just say some campaigns aren’t exactly “integrated.” One of those examples just occurred about a week ago with the beloved M&Ms brand. M&Ms announced its new “integrated” digital campaign to the world via

Gary V is a fascinating personality to me. For so many reasons. But mostly because of his position in the industry–he’s become one of THE lightning rods in our social media marketing world. People either absolutely LOVE him and share his quotes and content. Or, they really, really, really hate him and all he represents

So much has been written about Clubhouse already–I hesitated to even try to add another viewpoint. However, as I continue to think about Clubhouse from a brand perspective, and field questions from clients on the topic, I wanted to create an informed opinion not based on my personal preferences, but based on the data. So,

In case you missed it, Zillow had a moment last weekend. A “viral” moment, to be clear. Because for about 24-48 hours, a lot more people were talking about Zillow. And, in a positive way (for the most part). And, not only was it positive sentiment, it was striking a very real chord with A

Tide. Jeep. Bud Light. Doritos. These were the brands you were paying attention to during the Super Bowl Sunday because these were the brands with ads during the Big Game. But Planters Peanuts–much like many other brands–decided to go against the grain this year and go without an ad (you remember their “controversial” ad during

Last week, a post I wrote caught some serious flack on LinkedIn. It centered on J-Lo’s recent influencer marketing gaffe. The original title of that post: “It’s high time A-Rod gave J-Lo some influencer marketing advice.” After sharing it on LinkedIn, I received feedback from some female friends and colleagues that I have a lot

New Year. New Content! That’s what many social media marketers are thinking about as we start 2021. And, as you think about new content ideas, you need to think about visuals as much as text (even more so, really). And, what better place to turn than one of the biggest repositories of visuals on the