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Since it’s 2020 and everything sucks, allow me to take you back to 2015. Instagram was the hot social media network. Facebook was purring along. And influencers were starting to work more closely and frequently with brands in the market. Oh, and also, corporate blogging was almost dead. OK, I’m exaggerating for effect. But, corporate

As we all know by now, here in Minnesota we’re in the midst of a four-week shutdown–at minimum. No more restaurants. No more health clubs. No more youth sports. For at least four weeks (my guess: probably more). Even though there’s finally a light at the end of this tunnel, we’re in for a pretty

By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the viral Ocean Spray TikTok moment. Nathan Apodaca riding a longboard down an off ramp sipping on a jug of Ocean Spray after his car broke down. The viral moment spawned tens of thousands of copycats (including one from Mick Fleetwood) and online visibility Ocean Spray only dared dream

Today’s a first for this blog–and series. I’m showcasing someone who no longer works in the PR industry…because she retired! And, I feel kinda badly about that because I really should have highlighted Holly a long time ago. If you’ve worked in the Twin Cities PR industry for any length of time, you’ve probably heard

It’s the age-old debate (at least over the last 10 years!): Do you need to be active on social media channels to be successful as a social media marketing professional? A Jess Smith post on Twitter about a month ago got me thinking about that question again. Because, historically, it has been a controversial issue.

Seven-plus months into this pandemic, we’re all tired of working from home. But, as we stare down the barrel of quite possibly the roughest winter of our lives, there’s little chance too many people in our industry are going back to the office before spring or summer 2021. Given that backdrop, people are looking for

How many text messages have you received from Republican or Democrat operatives in the last few weeks? For me, it’s probably north of 500. For real, stop with the text messages! Interestingly enough, I seem to have found my way on a Republican list–I get no fewer than 20 messages a day addressing someone named

The most important election of our lifetimes (and some say, since 1908), is now less than 2 weeks away. And, if early voting trends continue, this could be the biggest voter turnout of our lives, too. As we’ve seen for the last few years, brands are increasingly getting involved in societal issues–racial injustics, climate change