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Earlier this month, the Arthur Page Society unveiled some new research around the changing nature of the CCO position. Essentially, the takeaway was that the CCO role is expanding to include a variety of different disciplines it wasn’t managing just a few years ago. One of those areas is “CommTech.” And, so far, CCOs could

In case you missed it, Panera had a kerfuffle on its hands a couple weeks ago. PR Daily recapped the crisis nicely here. TLDR: a Panera employee took to TikTok to shoot a video titled “How Panera prepares mac & cheese.” Let’s just say, it wasn’t the most flattering video for Panera. The video showed

Last week, I came upon this post on PR Daily detailing research that laid out employees top 10 career regrets. It was full of what I thought were some pretty interesting factoids about regrets in the career progression. And, given the nature of the topic, it’s something that’s not often discussed. After all, who wants

Not Microsoft’s Satya Nadella. Not General Motors’ Mary Barra (who has 1.2M LinkedIn followers, btw) Not even American Family’s Jack Salzwedel (although he is great–I wrote about him first in 2015). Nope, Sara Blakely, the founder and CEO of Spanx is the best CEO on LinkedIn. And I’m not sure it’s close. Want proof? Let’s

ICYMI, I moderated a wonderful panel of three smart people at General Mills last week as part of the Social Media Breakfast-Minneapolis/St. Paul series. The panel consisted of General Mills’ Kevin Hunt, US Bank’s Monica Wiant and Hubbard Interactive’s Melissa Young. Photo credit: Debbie Friez In preparation for this event, I drafted a series of

Today, I celebrate 10 years as a solo social media and PR consultant. Truth be told, I don’t know if today is the actual anniversary. I can’t remember my “first day” in this role 10 years ago. It really doesn’t matter. What does matter is what’s happened in those 10 years. Because I’m about to

OK, so I know this kind of headline sounds pretty self-serving coming from me. And, you know what? You’d be right! But, biases aside, the fact remains: There are few (none in Minnesota, as far as I can tell) awards programs specifically for solo PR, marketing and social media consultants. And, I think it’s high

This just in: media relations is getting tougher. Much, much tougher. The stats back up the claim. Consider the following: Demand for media attention is high: Most top-tier writers now receive 100, 250 or 500 pitches a week for 5 story spots. Media is outnumbered: PR Pros now outnumber journalists by a factor of 6