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The news feed, as we know it, will be gone in five years. Controversial? Somewhat. But, I’m not actually saying that to be a contrarian. I think we may see a shift soon. Here’s why. First, just take a peek at the current news feed. What do you notice–immediately? Unless you’re lying to yourself, the

Tell me if any of these scenarios sound familiar: You are asked to lead the revamp of your corporate web site. It’s a big task. It involves collaborating with many stakeholders. It involves working with numerous vendors. Recoding. Revamping. Rewriting. And multiple rounds of revisions. All told, it takes you a YEAR to complete the

About a month ago, I finished teaching my first class at the University of St. Thomas. This was a bit of a dream of mine. Not only to teach, but to teach at an institution like St. Thomas–a school I’ve come to adore over the last 10+ years. Going into the experience, I thought I

The last couple years, I’ve written a simple post listing out the people I’d love to have coffee with in the New Year. It’s not designed to be a comprehensive list. After all, I had coffee with 60+ people in 2019! But, it is an “aspirational” list, of sorts. A mix of mostly new people

I still remember my first blog post. It was Dec. 5, 2008. More than 11 years now. The title: Five ways to start fixing the health care industry. That post represented the start of my social media journey. A journey that would not only transform my professional trajectory–it would completely change my life. I started

Talking Points – A Year in Review

2019 was an interesting year for me professionally. It definitely had its ups and downs. At one point in the year I was working with just two clients–the fewest I’ve worked with in almost 10 years! On the other hand, I started teaching at the University of St. Thomas–somewhat of a life-long dream of mine.

There’s a common phrase you hear uttered by all when they leave a job: “let’s stay in touch.” You’ve said it before. I’ve said it before. We’ve all said it. The big question is: Who really means it. More to the point: Who actually DOES it. Because the people who actually DO stay in touch–those

In the span of just the last four weeks, we’ve seen the Internet Flash Mob take down two big advertising campaigns. First, there was South Dakota’s new “On Meth” campaign. The outrage-o-meter was at about a 8.5 on this campaign, as exhibited by tweets like these: People believed the campaign was stupid. That it painted