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Employee social advocacy programs are having a moment. Come to think of it, they’ve been having a moment for a while now. Fact is, more companies are globbing on to this trend–and, for good reason. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, the most trusted relationship people have right now is with their employer! Companies like

Back when I was working for other people, I always got a ton of push-back when I mentioned I had always adopted an “always be looking mindset.” I think a lot of people took it the wrong way. Like “this guy is going to be looking for a new job the moment he comes in

A couple weeks ago, I made a post on LinkedIn lamenting that the media relations game has gotten a lot harder over the last few years. The stats I’ve seen lately appear to back it up. Most top-tier reporters receive 100, 250 or 500 pitches a week for an average of 5 story spots (Fractl).

TikTok is having a bit of a moment. Allow me to share some stats that back up that statement: TikTok now has more than 500M active users worldwide, ahead of Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest. TikTok was the third most downloaded app in Q1 of 2019 TikTok was the most downloadable app in the Apple

In early August, Natty Light introduced a new entry to the hard seltzer game: the Catalina Lime Mixer. Or, in other words, the best named hard seltzer beverage in all of history (you’ll know why if you Google “Catalina Wine Mixer”–simply brilliant). The product is in direct competition with the most popular thing going: White

ICYMI, Kris Lindahl is taking over. The (overly) popular real estate mogul has been seen on bus sides, billboards and even in the sky (over Allianz Field and Target Field recently) via his airplane giveaways. Kris Lindahl is everywhere. And it’s pissing off the internet.   God dammit. — kyle matteson (@solace) August 18,

Thinking back to the early days in my career, clients often had one request when it came to the media relations game: I want to be on Oprah. Or, The Today Show. Or, in The New York Times. Those were the kinds of media outlets clients wanted to be in. Mainstream media outlets with monstrous,

ICYMI, another “Twitter war” broke out last week. This episode featured Chick-Fil-A, Popeye’s and the king of Twitter wars, Wendy’s. I’ve been a long-time skeptic of these Twitter battles, as I believe they add virtually nothing from a marketing/communications perspective. The only reason I can see to even pursue such a strategy is to drum