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Eight years ago, I started an e-newsletter called “The HAPPO Report.” For those who have known me for a few years, I co-founded an “organization” named HAPPO years ago–Help a PR PR Out. This e-newsletter was an outgrowth of that organization. One year later, I decided to shift the focus of the newsletter to my

A couple weeks ago, I attended my nephew’s fourth birthday party. At that party were seven kids (including mine) under the age of 14–Gen Z, according to the experts. Of course, we parents all had our phones out documenting many moments of this party. But, later that day, I couldn’t help but think about the

In case you missed it, former Starbucks CEO, Howard Schulze is mulling over a bid to become the 46th president of the United States. And, currently, that’s causing some problems for the company he ran for many years. Baristas are boycotting and threatening to walk out. Social media pushback has been rampant. It all forced

In case you missed it, Buffer came out with a fantastic “State of Social” report in January. I say fantastic, because Buffer has been a first-rate publisher of insights and opinions on its blog for years. I dare say Buffer may be the best tool, platform or social media company blogging today (I also love

Earlier this week, I joined a large percentage of Netflix subscribers and watched the Fyre Festival documentary on the popular streaming service. My immediate reaction: Shock and horror that Ja Rule is allowed to be in charge of anything, let along a major music festival! In all seriousness, the doc was a bit shocking. But,

Before you spit up your coffee, hear me out. Because I think there’s a trend in the making here. My thinking is based on three mini-trends and observations over the last six months: Brand increasingly aren’t even interested in true engagement Over the last year, I’ve done a number of audits for different clients. One

If things keep progressing the way they are now, the answer to my question in the headline is most certainly “yes!” Why do I have such confidence? Last summer, Forbes started using a new CMS, dubbed “Bertie.” This new AI-driven tool recommends article topics for Forbes massive contributor network based on their previous articles. It also serves up

I’ve been a long-time subscriber of the Star Tribune. My parents have been long-time subscribers of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. I grew up reading newspapers. I will probably (hopefully) grow old reading them. I say hopefully because, as we all know, the newspaper industry is in trouble. Not “they might not survive the year”-type