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Don’t overlook the lurkers

Remember back to the early days of social media when we put customers/fans/people in convenient persona buckets? Typically, these were titles like: commenters, influeners, creators, sharers, engagers, and lurkers. Ever since, most companies have been focused on those engagers, creators and influencers. And, maybe for good reason. I saw one recent stat that claimed 22%

Coming up in the PR and comms world in the Twin Cities, Greg Zimprich was always one of those names I saw often. Probably partly because, at the time, he had a killer job managing brand PR for General Mills. And partly because, well, he’s a rock star! But, over the course of many years,

Last week, a friend sent me a Facebook DM: “Should we still be using press releases?” Simple question, but one that’s full of history and heated debated on both sides of the coin. But, in 2019, I think it’s a question worth seriously considering. Do you really still need to be using press releases as

One approach companies have long struggled with since the dawn of social media marketing is the simple concept of giving content, information and data away–for free. I see this in our own profession all the time.   You have some agencies, like Top Rank Marketing, for example, who clearly believe in the power of giving

If there’s one thing I learned from my years on the corporate side (and in my years since working with larger corporate clients) it’s this: Managing up is everything. I’ve seen many people who are/were talented strategists and writers passed up for promotions because they didn’t understand how to “manage up.” Heck, I’ve been one

When it comes to influencer marketing, a lot of the content I’ve read over the last year or so has focused on one of two areas: How to SELECT influencers that are right for your brand; and how to MEASURE success once you’ve engaged these influencers. Very little has been written about the PROCESS of

Had coffee with a relatively new friend last week. This friend had recently accepted a senior position with a health care company in town. Not surprisingly, we talked about her new role and the process she went through to find it. She talked a lot about her focus on finding a position that would allow

Eight years ago, I started an e-newsletter called “The HAPPO Report.” For those who have known me for a few years, I co-founded an “organization” named HAPPO years ago–Help a PR PR Out. This e-newsletter was an outgrowth of that organization. One year later, I decided to shift the focus of the newsletter to my