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Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. LinkedIn. These are the “Big Four” of the social media marketing world. And, they encompass about 90% of all social media marketing for most companies. In fact, according to a recent UMass-Dartmouth study, 91% of Fortune 500 level companies use Twitter, 89% use Facebook, 63% use Instagram and 98% use LinkedIn. However,

I know everyone is sick to death of blog posts titled this way. Really, I am aware. However, I just couldn’t think of a better way to title this post–and I really just wanted to write about this movie today. Because this was the best movie I’ve seen all year. Might have been the best

I’m a sucker for a good keynote presentation. Lucky for me, the MIMA Summit seems to hit home run after home run when it comes to keynotes. This year was no different. Unfortunately, I missed the morning keynote, otherwise I’m sure I’d be blogging about Cindy Gallop this morning. But, I did make the afternoon

It’s that time of year–yes, trend season is underway, my social media friends! You’re likely to see no fewer than 2.1 million trend posts between now and Dec. 31. ENJOY! Most of these trend posts, mind you, will be complete and utter garbage. In fact, many of them are literally cut-and-pasted from last year’s trend

Last week, for the first time, I saw a 3D photo in my Facebook feed. It was from friend and Fallon employee, Greg Swan–a pic of his dog. It was a little jarring as the pic moved just a bit as I scrolled by it. Users and brands will all soon be able to take

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research recently released its annual report showcasing how many Fortune 500 companies are using social media channels. It’s a report I review every year–partly because my clients are mostly all big companies and partly because my podcast partner, Kevin Hunt, always flags it for me! The report

Consider the following scenario: You take a job out of college as a coordinator at a big agency. You develop a feel and love for social media marketing, and move up into a AE role and then a Senior AE role. You then find a job on the corporate side as a social media manager.

We’ve been hearing about this whole “dark social” trend for quite a while now. After all, the concept of texting and private messaging isn’t exactly new. But, recent statistics and trend lines have me thinking 2019 may be the year we start to see “dark social” truly start to impact social media marketing plans. For