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The term “brand journalism” is a bit of a lightning rod term in the social media marketing business. For some, it conjures up imagery of “advertorials” and “sponsored content.” And, over the years, there have certainly been a fair share of corporate failures when it comes to brand journalism. Many starts and stops. There have

This quote from Michael Jordan in the popular “Last Dance” documentary says it all about MJ’s attitude during his championship runs in the 90s: “My mentality was to go out and win at any cost. If you don’t want to live that regimen or mentality, then you don’t need to be alongside of me, ’cause

Kelsey Dodson-Smith is one of those people who stands out. Why? For starters, she was a VP before her 30th birthday–she has natural leadership abilities. She has a definite sense of style–just take a quick peek at her Insta page for proof! And, she seems well-loved among colleagues and friends. Sounds like a rock star

With unemployment levels rising and more companies big and small furloughing or laying off employees every week, I’m guessing some of these folks are considering the possibility of “freelancing.” I put that term in quotes because, personally, I despise it. I’ve never called myself a “freelancer”. I think it cheapens the work I do. I

It was March 13. I was enjoying another lazy day by the pool in Palm Springs. We go each year to see my parents who live in a wonderful golf community. The pandemic was just starting here in the U.S. The NBA had shut down. March Madness was next. People were starting to work from

With unemployment approaching 2008-09 levels (and some projecting Great Depression 30% levels), finding a job the next few months to a year is going to be something a lot of people are doing. Even in our industry. Just in Minneapolis, Best Buy, Sleep Number and Regis have already furloughed employees. Many agencies have asked employees

As the COVID-19 outbreak began last month, I noticed there seemed to be two kinds of brands. Those who went quiet and were going through the crisis communications playbook when it came to content on social channels. And, those who decided to switch it up, adapt to the new circumstances and take some calculated risks.

Disclaimer: I know and fully realize a lot of people have lost–and will lose–their jobs during COVID-19. This is not designed to be a glib discussion, but merely a different take on the “working from home during COVID changes everything” conversation. Over the first four weeks of this #quarantine, there’s been a ton of talk