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I’m not breaking news by saying Facebook hasn’t had the best year. Privacy concerns. A slew of negative PR hits. And, rumors that more people are leaving Facebook every day. As a result, many pundits in our industry are predicting the end of Facebook–some (former founders) are even calling for it to be broken apart!

According to a recent Freshbooks survey, I say it’s all about control. That was the number-one factor among those who have chosen to go the solo route. In this sense, “control” meant a few different things: Mostly, it meant WHEN you work. Not surprising, as we see countless companies continue (stupidly) to chain workers to

ICYMI, a (supposed) Starbucks coffee cup was caught on-screen at Winterfell in episode 4, season 8 of Game of Thrones last Sunday. Predictably, Twitter went berserk. Of course, it took Starbucks less than 24 hours to respond with a smart and uber-relevant tweet: A day later, and people were saying Starbucks already had received 2.3

Technology is accelerating at a pace so fast, few can keep up. In our day-to-day lives, technology has completely changed how we communicate, how we capture photos and video and how we consume media. On the marketing/comms side, it’s no different. Technology has completely changed the way to perform many day-to-day tasks at work. Measuring

PESO. In case you haven’t heard, that’s Paid-Earned-Shared-Owned. It’s the acronym that has come to define our generation of marketing and communications. But, it’s also a model in constant flux. Ask today’s CEO what the PESO model looks like in five years, and here’s what they will say (according to the USC-Annenberg Center for Public

Talk to anyone about influencer marketing for more than five minutes and inevitably the topic comes up: How do you find and research your influencers? It’s a good question. Researching and identifying the right influencers to work with might be THE key to success in influencer marketing. And, if you listen to many in the

Over the last year or so, it seems like the number of emails I get from people wanting to talk about making the jump to going solo has increased. Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like more people are making this transition–or, at the very least, giving it a try. I’ll talk with just

Over the last week, I’ve spoke to two college classes about one hot topic: Personal branding. More specifically, how college seniors about to enter the workforce can build, nurture and sustain an effective personal brand online (photo credit below: Mark Jenson, professor, Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota). It’s