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How many text messages have you received from Republican or Democrat operatives in the last few weeks? For me, it’s probably north of 500. For real, stop with the text messages! Interestingly enough, I seem to have found my way on a Republican list–I get no fewer than 20 messages a day addressing someone named

The most important election of our lifetimes (and some say, since 1908), is now less than 2 weeks away. And, if early voting trends continue, this could be the biggest voter turnout of our lives, too. As we’ve seen for the last few years, brands are increasingly getting involved in societal issues–racial injustics, climate change

Much like many of you, I was recently looking for a new show to stream. I had just finished The Mandalorian (which I liked, but didn’t love). And, given the political climate and the fact that we’re facing a pretty rough winter, I wanted something a bit lighter. Enter Ted Lasso. I had heard many

There’s little doubt: Next month’s election is the most important in most of our lives. Now, I don’t usually talk politics on this blog (or on social, for that matter). But, given the gravity of the situation, I’ve decided to table that approach for the next few months (heck, I tabled it a number of

It was bound to happen. And, after they announced it earlier this year, it was due to happen. LinkedIn recently unveiled “Stories” on its platform. Let me summarize the reaction for a vast majority of LinkedIn users: UGH. I know we’re only one week in, but my initial reaction can be summed up in that

Video. We’ve heard about it ad naseum for the last 4-5 years in trend posts like this. So, video, it and of itself, is hardly a trend in 2020. Especially when it comes to platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. But, LinkedIn? That’s been a different story. Historically, LinkedIn has been a platform heavily predicated

Everyone is glued to the news these days. Between coronavirus, racial unrest and the biggest election of our lifetimes, there’s no shortage of hard news to read each and every day. But, that doesn’t mean journalism is thriving again. In many ways, the situation is more dire than ever. Trust levels remain low. Media outlets

6 ways to network like a human

A couple weeks ago, I had coffee (actual in-person coffee!) with the wonderful Laura King. We had never met before, but I’ve been a fan from afar for quite some time. We talked about jobs. We talked about her Marketers Community. And, of course, we talked about networking. We talked about the absolute importance of