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Thinking back to the early days in my career, clients often had one request when it came to the media relations game: I want to be on Oprah. Or, The Today Show. Or, in The New York Times. Those were the kinds of media outlets clients wanted to be in. Mainstream media outlets with monstrous,

ICYMI, another “Twitter war” broke out last week. This episode featured Chick-Fil-A, Popeye’s and the king of Twitter wars, Wendy’s. I’ve been a long-time skeptic of these Twitter battles, as I believe they add virtually nothing from a marketing/communications perspective. The only reason I can see to even pursue such a strategy is to drum

One big trend I see accelerating in the social media world in 2019 is the move to more “community” and less “let’s go viral”. It’s something I talked about in my trends presentation I put together that I’ve given now to five different groups in the Twin Cities. Facebook is pushing Groups now, as exhibited

Kevin Hunt and I have been publishing our Talking Points Podcast now for five years. We just recorded our 117th episode a couple weeks ago. Because we’ve been around a while now, and there’s surprisingly not a lot of social media/comms podcasts that have consistently posted every month for the last five years, we’re getting

The AP Style folks recently made an earth-shattering change to its AP Style Standards: You no longer have to spell out “%” after a number. AUDIBLE GASP! That was actually close to the reaction I got from friends and colleagues on a LinkedIn post where I shared this news a few weeks ago. And, for

My Talking Points Podcast partner, Kevin Hunt, is not a fan of Facebook. I give him grief about it on the show all the time. He doesn’t like the data mining. He doesn’t like the lying. He thinks it toxic. And you know what, he’s right on all counts. No doubt about it, really. And,

Ten years ago or so, thought leadership opportunities in the business media world were somewhat prevalent. You could pitch bylined ideas to publications like Harvard Business Review, Forbes and Fortune and, given you were somewhat competent, you had a chance. In the media relations world, this was huge because a big part of our value

We’ve all witnessed this scene in any number of public spaces, right? Not uncommon at all in 2019. In fact, I might say this is the new norm. Here’s a specific scenario. Let me know if it sounds familiar to you parents out there. You’re in the car for a family road trip. The kids