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Targeting micro-influencers: The next big thing that should have been a big thing 5 years ago

AdAge reporter, Kristy Sammis, recently wrote an article that sums up how I’ve felt about the whole influencer thing for

3 reasons digital marketing should NOT own influencer marketing

Traackr recently released a study named “Influence 2.0–the Future of Influencer Marketing.” I was curious, so I downloaded the full

Let’s get serious–and honest–about influencer marketing

I recently read a post by popular blogger, podcaster and professor, Mark Schaefer, on influencer marketing. The post was titled

Why are influencers still not disclosing paid relationship? (and why brands should really care)

It’s 2015, and we’re still seeing posts like this: Big deal, you say. Seems like a perfectly innocuous Instagram post

Are we going about influencer outreach all wrong?

Last week, I had a brainstorm with a new client about influencer outreach. As we mapped out our approach, we considered