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The biggest challenges facing today’s social media job seeker

I’m not a recruiter. I’m not a hiring manager. And, I’m not looking to hire anyone at ACH Communications (I

7 Job Search Tips for New PR Grads that You Won’t hear from your Career Counselor

Today, I’m headed to Winona for my bi-annual pilgrimage where I speak to a slew of PR classes on campus

Why “creative” job titles won’t lead to a better career path

Digital Marketing Magician. Senior Road Warrior Marketing Intern Mobile Sensei Digital Overlord Wizard of Light Bulb Moments Dream Alchemist We’re

LinkedIn vs. Facebook: What’s the best social network for job seekers?

Last week, author and consultant, Shel Israel started an interesting conversation on Facebook:   So, this isn’t necessarily a new

How long should you stay at that dead-end job?

During the first few years of my career, I was in a lot of what most people would call “dead