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10 Instagram influencers I’d be targeting with if I were a Minnesota-based brand

Influencer marketing. So hot right now. In fact, influencer marketing has been hot for a while now. And, I see

Targeting micro-influencers: The next big thing that should have been a big thing 5 years ago

AdAge reporter, Kristy Sammis, recently wrote an article that sums up how I’ve felt about the whole influencer thing for

Tackling the many misperceptions of the impact of influencer marketing

Hypothetical situation I’m sure is playing out with clients/companies every day: Client says they want to reach a “younger audience.”

3 reasons digital marketing should NOT own influencer marketing

Traackr recently released a study named “Influence 2.0–the Future of Influencer Marketing.” I was curious, so I downloaded the full

Mainstream media versus YouTube Influencers – Which has the bigger audience?

2016 was a good year for influencers. Specifically, 2016 was a VERY GOOD year to be a YouTube influencer. Just