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PRWeek’s “Power List” Overlooks Minnesota and Fly-Over Country…Again

Earlier this week, PRWeek unveiled its annual “Power List”–a list of people they believe are power brokers in the PR

The 9 best coffee shops for PRs/marketers to work from in Minneapolis

Being a solo consultant is a lonely existence. It’s definitely one of the few drawbacks to this lifestyle. So, I

8 job changes that re-shaped the PR/social market in Minnesota in 2016

2016 was a good year to be a job seeker. Specifically, for mid- to senior-level PR folks with a strong

14 people I’d love to have coffee with in 2017

Last year I made a post that I’m going to make into an annual series–or challenge. The concept is simple:

The Talking Points #39between35and49

The Business Journal has its long-time 40 Under 40 “competition.” Adfed2 has its 32 Under 32. And now, Pollen has