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Fruit baskets or Nut Assortments: What’s the best approach for PR client holiday gifts?

Every year about this time (actually, much earlier than this, but for effect we’ll go with “about this time”), I

I’m calling for the abolishment of hoodies at client meetings

Today, I just have to rant. And I know it’s a rant we’ve heard before. But, it’s a rant worth

How my golf game is a perfect metaphor for my professional career

I’ve had a pretty incredible golf week. I spent last weekend playing four unbelievable courses in Brainerd (The Classic, two

Meet Minnesota’s Power PR Couples

If you’ve worked in this industry long enough, you’ve probably met one: A PR “Power Couple.” You know, that couple

Can we please figure out a different way to say “I’m busy”?

Let’s face it, we’ve all been guilty of the following scenario: Friend asks you: “Hey, (insert name here), how have