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Why is good social media training so hard to find?

Go ahead. Google the phrase “Social media training Minneapolis.” What comes up? A couple academic institutions attempting to pull it

Why I’ve decided to break one of my golden social media rules

When it comes to personal and professional social media use (and those are the same for me), up until about

Fruit baskets or Nut Assortments: What’s the best approach for PR client holiday gifts?

Every year about this time (actually, much earlier than this, but for effect we’ll go with “about this time”), I

I’m calling for the abolishment of hoodies at client meetings

Today, I just have to rant. And I know it’s a rant we’ve heard before. But, it’s a rant worth

How my golf game is a perfect metaphor for my professional career

I’ve had a pretty incredible golf week. I spent last weekend playing four unbelievable courses in Brainerd (The Classic, two