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Are online media placements worthwhile if there’s a paywall?

The paywall. On the media side, some see it as the savior of their business. On the PR side, it

6 ways to better prepare for a fake news attack

If there was one “trend” that emerged in 2016 that should scare the bejesus out of PR counselors it’s this:

Does the four-day workweek work in PR and digital?

The four-day workweek. For many, it’s a pipe dream. But, for an increasing number of people, it’s quickly becoming a

Why PRSA’s stringent APR rules need to change

I want to start by making one thing clear: This is not a post designed to bash PRSA or the

You don’t have to be aggressive to be an effective PR consultant

I think there’s a a bit of a misconception¬†in our industry. That you need to be aggressive to be an