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The real reason the PR agency model is broken

I’m not a career agency guy. I didn’t cut my teeth at Spong. I didn’t work my way up from

Executive announcement news releases – productivity wasters or useful PR tools?

Back when I was working for other people, I had a job where I had to write and post a

The most essential–and overlooked–skill in PR

With a headline like that, you might expect me to talk about something like media relations skills, or video editing

The changing media landscape…and what it means for media relations

It’s no secret–the media landscape has shifted. Seismically. Media share news differently now. Media create news differently now. Media are

What effect will the explosion of chat apps have on our ability to present and persuade?

The “chat-ification” of our culture is now completely out-of-control. More than 800 million people use Facebook messenger each month. 100