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PR Rock Stars: American Academy of Neurology’s Leah Johnson

Truth be told, I don’t know Leah Johnson all that well. I met her through my work with MIMA and

PR Rock Stars: 3M’s Heather Cmiel

I can’t really remember the first time I met Heather Cmiel. Which is kinda odd. Because Heather isn’t the kind

PR Rock Stars: Sun Country’s Brittany Chaffee

Young people amaze me sometimes. They’re brave. They’re fierce. And, they take risks that I would have never taken at

PR Rock Stars: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota’s Laura Kaslow

I don’t remember the first time I met Laura Kaslow (give me a break, I’m getting old and losing brain

PR Rock Stars: United Health Group’s Madeline Strachota

We Gen X’ers like to stereotype Millennials. We label them as lazy. We say they’re entitled. We call them title-grabbers.