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Have we suddenly “over-storied” the social web?

First, there were Snapchat Stories. Those fun, whimsical little snapshots into our days broadcast for 24 hours on the (previously)

Why is good social media training so hard to find?

Go ahead. Google the phrase “Social media training Minneapolis.” What comes up? A couple academic institutions attempting to pull it

5 functionalities every PR person wish LinkedIn had

I spend a lot of time in LinkedIn these days. A lot of it is for research reasons–for this blog,

Why does Instagram make it impossible to post from your laptop?

It’s the question I’m sure nearly every social media manager has asked themselves over the last couple years: Why doesn’t

5 reasons you SHOULDN’T start a business podcast

Lately, I’ve been reading a number of posts imploring marketers and communicators to start podcasts on behalf of their corporate