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9 things to consider before making the leap to being a solo PR consultant

What tips do you have for someone considering making the transition to being a solo marketing/comms consultant? It’s a question

How I’m looking at the back half of my career arc

You know what’s scary? Knowing you’re on the downhill slide of life. I’m 43–soon to be 44. Average life expectancy

The virtual office–not the “open office”–is the future of work in PR

The last job I had before jumping out on my own was with Fairview Health Services. During my time at

9 questions to ask yourself BEFORE going #SoloPR

I’ve almost been a #SoloPR now for seven years. Seven years. That’s actually pretty crazy for me to comprehend. And,

Don’t call me a freelancer

If you want to get under a consultant’s skin, call them a FREELANCER. It’s been an ongoing conversation in the solo world