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“You guys”: Acceptable internet slang or public speaking killer?

Last weekend I was at The Dells with my kids (no laughing please–I grew up going to the Dells and

The four cardinal sins public speakers continue to break

The last few months, I’ve attended a number of local events here in Minneapolis. Good events put on by great

Why speaking at PR industry conferences is tougher than it looks

Earlier this week, I was at the Florida Public Relations Association Annual Conference and #SoloPR Summit in Orlando. It’s the

How to max out your PR speaking opportunities

You did it. You scored that killer industry speaking gig. You’re going to present before 150 financial planners about PR.

7 public speaking lessons from my favorite Ignite Minneapolis speakers

A few weeks ago, I missed my favorite local event here in Minneapolis/St. Paul: Ignite. I know many other markets