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The app that few marketers are talking about (but probably should be)

My daughter is nine (soon to be 10). And, apparently, age 9 is now the socially acceptable time to ask

“You guys”: Acceptable internet slang or public speaking killer?

Last weekend I was at The Dells with my kids (no laughing please–I grew up going to the Dells and

The psychology behind social media’s biggest shifts in the last year

Maybe it’s my psych minor. And maybe it’s my innate interest in human behavior. Any way you slice it, I’ve

Why are brand-side PR pros less networked than their agency peers?

In case you missed it, AdFed recently held their wildly popular 32 Under 32 Awards. As usual, more than 100

Yes, we have a social media mentor problem

I recently had coffee with a younger colleague who plays a key social role for a fairly large company here