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Have we suddenly “over-storied” the social web?

First, there were Snapchat Stories. Those fun, whimsical little snapshots into our days broadcast for 24 hours on the (previously)

5 reasons an Amazon Echo Dot is a “must” for any PR person’s office

A few weeks ago, I bought an Amazon Echo Dot. Complete impulse buy. If I remember correctly, we were at

3 reasons digital marketing should NOT own influencer marketing

Traackr recently released a study named “Influence 2.0–the Future of Influencer Marketing.” I was curious, so I downloaded the full

How the current political environment is impacting Facebook brand marketing

In case you haven’t noticed (and if you haven’t, you’ve most likely been vacationing on the moon for the last

Is the age of the follower over?

Close your eyes for a moment. Think back to 2010. Twitter was only a few years old. Social was relatively