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9 (realistic) social content trends to keep your eye on in 2017

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to speak to 150 social media enthusiasts at Social Media Breakfast. My topic: Social

The automation rebellion is coming

Earlier this month, I attended a local mastermind meeting I help run and the topic of automation came up–this time, the

True engagement is slowly dying on the internet

Take a peek at any corporate social media program and you will likely see “engagement” listed as a KPI in

6 ways to better prepare for a fake news attack

If there was one “trend” that emerged in 2016 that should scare the bejesus out of PR counselors it’s this:

Mainstream media versus YouTube Influencers – Which has the bigger audience?

2016 was a good year for influencers. Specifically, 2016 was a VERY GOOD year to be a YouTube influencer. Just