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Trend: Repurposing Snapchat Stories across other social media channels

We’ve all heard about the “storification” (yeah, I just made that word up) of the social web and how it

Are online media placements worthwhile if there’s a paywall?

The paywall. On the media side, some see it as the savior of their business. On the PR side, it

New trend: Companies making product design trends based on Instagram

By now, you’ve most likely seen Starbucks newest concoction: The Unicorn Frappuccino. It’s purple. It’s pink. And, maybe most importantly

Have we suddenly “over-storied” the social web?

First, there were Snapchat Stories. Those fun, whimsical little snapshots into our days broadcast for 24 hours on the (previously)

5 reasons an Amazon Echo Dot is a “must” for any PR person’s office

A few weeks ago, I bought an Amazon Echo Dot. Complete impulse buy. If I remember correctly, we were at