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The hidden risk of social media marketing: Managing old Facebook admins

For years, we heard brands throw up barriers around why they didn’t want to participate in social media marketing. One

How brands can make money–fast–using Jelly

Finally, the social app that changes everything. The app that will completely transform the way businesses engage and interact with

Is Snapchat really the next big social media platform?

Snapchat. I’ve had it crammed down my throat for the last year-plus that this social media network is the NBT

Do you suffer from professional FOMO?

One of my favorite local talk show hosts was chatting about an interesting topic last week: FOMO. Yeah don’t worry,

Why ‘what’s next’ in social media won’t be in social media

It’s the question we all get from managers, colleagues and clients: What’s next in social media? What’s the next Facebook?