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10 business cases for CEOs to use social media

“Embracing social media isn’t just a bit of fun, it is a vital way to communicate, keep your ear to

Google Glass: Why it won’t go mainstream until 2023

As most of you know by now, Google will unveil one of its more interesting products in recently memory later

Minneapolis agency launches its own media brand: Trend or mirage? – 2/26

Not sure how many people noticed, but local integrated marketing agency, Fast Horse, unveiled a new media brand in mid-February

What the demise of Posterous means for the future of blogging

In case you missed it last week Posterous announced it was closing up shop as of April 30 to “focus

5 trends community managers should keep an eye on in 2013

In January, Social Fresh surveyed more than 1,000 partners for its annual Community Manager Report. It’s the third year Social