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Is college students’ refusal to use email killing the next generation of PR writers?

Last week, I came across an interesting article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune about college students and their refusal to

Is short-form Instagram video the future of news distribution?

A couple weeks ago, I read an article over at the Nieman Journalism Lab site about a relatively new news

LinkedIn opens up accounts for high school students–will they participate?

Today, for the very first time, LinkedIn has opened its doors to high school students. More specifically, here in the

Laura Fitzpatrick’s Day With Google Glass

The following is a guest post from Laura Fitzpatrick, junior strategist at OLSON, about her experience wearing Google Glass during

Is AirPR the future of public relations for small businesses?

A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon an interesting–and new–concept in the world of PR. A self-service PR web site