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True engagement is slowly dying on the internet

Take a peek at any corporate social media program and you will likely see “engagement” listed as a KPI in

6 ways to better prepare for a fake news attack

If there was one “trend” that emerged in 2016 that should scare the bejesus out of PR counselors it’s this:

Mainstream media versus YouTube Influencers – Which has the bigger audience?

2016 was a good year for influencers. Specifically, 2016 was a VERY GOOD year to be a YouTube influencer. Just

The future of content looks like THIS (and it’s pretty crazy)

ICYMI: Renowned YouTuber, Casey Neistat blew everyone’s minds earlier this week when he released the following video: It already has

Conditions are favorable for the comeback of the daily newspaper

For years, every time I make a comment about how my wife and I subscribe to and read the daily newspaper,