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The most over-looked component of many social media campaigns

You know what’s perplexing about the way companies plan for today’s social media campaigns? They don’t plan for BEST-CASE scenarios.

Where are companies turning for digital professional development?

Allison Kent-Smith, founder of Smith & Beta, a talent development firm, had an interesting quote in a post this week:

What the new (upcoming) LinkedIn Company page format means for brands

Looks like LinkedIn is¬†revamping the layout for “company pages”–and it’s testing the concept with some of its biggest customers (GE

How long before brands completely abandon Twitter?

Before you click away, I encourage you to read on. Because this isn’t one of those typical “Twitter is dead”

9 social content trends to watch in 2017

Earlier this week, I had the privilege at speaking at the Florida Public Relations Association Annual Conference at the Innisbrook