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8 job changes that re-shaped the PR/social market in Minnesota in 2016

2016 was a good year to be a job seeker. Specifically, for mid- to senior-level PR folks with a strong

Happy Holidays…Hanson Style!

Each year, instead of an annual Christmas Card, we put together an annual holiday video. It’s so much fun to

24 people I’d like to have coffee with in 2016

Almost two years ago, I ranted on this blog about how I was done with coffee meet-ups. Apparently, a lot

Talking Points Podcast: Is corporate blogging cooling?

SHOW NOTES – December 3, 2015   “The 2015 Fortune 500 and Social Media: Instagram Gains, Blogs Lose”  

Why are we punishing our senior leaders by sticking them in meetings 7-8 hours a day?

Back when I worked on the corporate side, I distinctly remember trying to get on my boss’ calendar. It was