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sparked - a different kind of digital and social media training program

“Where should I send my team to get quality social and digital media training?”

It’s a question we hear all the time--from clients, colleagues and friends. And the answer isn’t as easy as you might think.
Social media certificate programs exist, but they don’t seem to be credible enough.

Local universities offer classes, but they are often led by tenured professors who may not have the real-world experience required to offer more tactical training.

There just isn’t a great option.

Until now.

sparked was designed specifically to provide quality, real-world digital and social media training--led by people working for Fortune 500 companies and large agencies who are doing the work every day.

The first sparked event will take place on Saturday, November 4.

Our “professors” represent a who’s who of big companies and agencies in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area: Polaris, Fast Horse, Sleep Number, Fallon and Boston Scientific are among the companies and agencies that employ our professors (with more to come in the months ahead).

The program was developed in partnership with some of the best social and digital minds in the Twin Cities --people like Holly Spaeth-Polaris, Kevin Hunt-General Mills, and Greg Swan-Fallon. The curriculum for our day-long session includes:

Content strategy and development

Learn the ins-and-outs of what it takes to create, get buy-in and implement a successful content strategy. Taught by Kaitlyn Schiltz, digital strategy manager-Sleep Number

Paid social media advertising

Get deep in the weeds on how to successfully execute paid social campaigns across platforms. Taught by Jamie Kvamme, social media and content supervisor-Polaris

Influencer marketing

Discuss which brands and companies are doing it best, how they are doing it, how you can get started or what you can do to improve your existing influencer partnerships. Taught by Cydney Strommen, account director-Fast Horse

Community and crisis management

Level up your understanding of the foundational aspect of any social media program--how to communicate and manage interactions with your community, and how to set yourself up for success when a crisis hits. Taught by Amanda Gebhard, senior social communications specialist-Boston Scientific

Digital and social trends

Come back to the office armed with knowledge about the trends hitting the space that will impact you, your audience and your organization in the next 18 months. Taught by Greg Swan, director of social strategy-Fallon

But sparked is more than just training--it’s an experience that will help propel your career forward. During this day-long event you will:

  • Meet and learn from the smartest social media minds in our state
  • Participate in hands-on learning right on your laptop or phone
  • Work with local non-profit groups so you can test out your new digital chops--the first non-profit we’re partnering with is Nora McInerny’s Still Kickin’!

You’ll also walk away with a set of plans, tools and resources that you can start using right away, including access to a private Facebook group where you can collaborate with your cohort whenever you want.

Registration is open, but limited to just 25 participants. That way, we can keep the training more hands-on and intimate, and give you more networking and learning opportunities after the day of training is over.

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sparked Co-Founders,
Jamie Plesser, director-digital experience and marketing, Allianz Life
Arik Hanson, principal-ACH Communications