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How I grew my blog readership 659% in just 3 years (and how you can, too)

I started blogging in December 2008. At the time I was working for Fairview, the second-largest health care system in

What do the best corporate blogs do well?

Earlier this week, friend, colleague and fellow blogger Aaron Pearson asked me to speak to his class at the University

What the demise of Posterous means for the future of blogging

In case you missed it last week Posterous announced it was closing up shop as of April 30 to “focus

15 questions to ask before accepting a blogger request

One question I hear from a number of clients: When a blogger sends us an email asking for product to

How to merchandise your blog content: 4 tips for corporate bloggers

  When it comes to blogging, we put a whole lot of emphasis on creating content that gets clicked. And,